From Avril Barker <[email protected]>
Subject Friend, your story is the key
Date March 10, 2023 11:00 AM
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Share your story and help Dignity in Dying win the campaign for assisted dyingFriend, personal stories can be so powerful in changing
people’s minds.

To win a compassionate assisted dying law, we must change the minds of more MPs.
Personal stories can show them just how transformative it will be to have choice
at the end of life.

That’s why I’m getting in touch today, Friend:

If you have a terminal illness, will you take a few minutes to share your story
and tell MPs how the blanket ban on assisted dying is affecting your life?

I am terminally ill and want to share my story >>
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I want to share my story with you, too. My name is Avril. I’m 51 years old and
I’m dying from a rare form of cancer. Just a few months after my own diagnosis,
I found out that my mum was also dying from terminal cancer. In the following weeks, I was by her side as she died an unbearable death – it
was the most distressing thing I have ever witnessed.

I don’t want anyone else to experience the trauma of seeing your loved one
suffer a prolonged and painful death, and I know I couldn’t go through what my
mum did when my time comes. That’s why I’m campaigning with Dignity in Dying for law change – and I know
how much my story can help.

We’re at a crucial time, Friend. With a general election
looming we need to make sure that our campaign is stronger than ever and get
more MPs to support our movement.

But the fight will be hard. Our anti-choice opponents have many tactics up their sleeves to obstruct and
delay our campaign, and Parliament won’t provide an opportunity for a fair
debate on assisted dying if we ease the pressure now.

Friend, MPs need to hear the truth directly from
terminally ill people, not baseless arguments from anti-choice campaigners.

Will you share your story and tell MPs what it’s really like to live with terminal illness, and what difference a compassionate law
would make?

I want to share my story >>
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By sharing your own story, you’re helping to pile on the pressure for political
leaders to make a public commitment to a full and fair debate on assisted dying
in Parliament – that will get us one step closer to winning a compassionate law.

Sadly, I may not live to benefit from an assisted dying law in the UK, but I am
so heartened that you’re with me to make sure that terminally ill people in the
future will have full control over how they end their lives.


P.S: Join hundreds of terminally ill people who have submitted their stories -
it’s easy, and you can write as much or as little as you like. Share your story now >>
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