From RootsAction Team <[email protected]>
Subject RootsAction News: Defuse Nuclear War
Date September 15, 2022 5:19 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
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*Thus far, *some escalations to the war in Ukraine proposed for months in Washington, but opposed by RootsAction and others, have not been made, including the creation of a No Fly Zone and the provision of fighter jets to Ukraine. Even the blockade of the Black Sea, opposed by a RootsAction DIY *petition* [ [link removed] ], has been partially broken.

But the war and the weapons shipments roll on, and the risk of escalation, including *nuclear escalation*, continues to rise. RootsAction has supported a *week of actions for peace* [ [link removed] ] this week.

*Here's what we're planning for October:*

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* RootsAction is coordinating the nationwide organizing of events in October that will focus on reducing the current high risks of nuclear war.*

*Find an overview of the October events here.* [ [link removed] ] They include a livestream on Oct. 2, picket lines on Oct. 14 and community events on Oct. 16.

*Click here to register for the Defuse Nuclear War live stream.* [ [link removed] ]

Informational picket lines on Friday, October 14 will be on the last weekday before the 60th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis. They will present an opportunity for individuals and organizations to *visibly convey their concerns*. With activities outside congressional district offices and Senate in-state offices, *the emphasis will be on actions that the U.S. government should take now to reduce the present-day risks of nuclear war.
* *Find where picket lines are already planned and join them here.* [ [link removed] ]
* * Sign up to take a lead in organizing a new picket line that we can all help promote by filling out this form. [ [link removed] ] *

*Progressive Hub has just turned 1 year old.* If you're not getting news and actions from *Progressive Hub* [ [link removed] ], here are a few things you're missing:
* *Nuclear Winter Is Climate Change in Fast-Forward* [ [link removed] ] by Ryan Black.
* *Top 10 Reasons Sweden and Finland Will Regret Joining NATO* [ [link removed] ] by David Swanson.
* *Raytheon and the Military Industrial Complex* [ [link removed] ] by Massachusetts Peace Action.

[ [link removed] ]

If endless news reports that treat with the utmost solemnity the pronouncements of paid advocates for the stupidity of mass slaughter start to get you down, remember the observation of *Barbara Ehrenreich* [ [link removed] ], whom we lost this month, that a likely origin of war is far from glorious or noble. Having hunted big game to extinction, and not wanting to abandon their status or weapons, certain humans came up with the brilliant idea of hunting each other. _________________________________________

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At the state level, across the U.S., we're working on *ranked choice voting* [ [link removed] ], as well as *automatic voter registration* [ [link removed] ], *Electoral College elimination* [ [link removed] ], and *death penalty abolition* [ [link removed] ]. _________________________________________

[ [link removed] ]

At the federal level, we're trying to *save the U.S. Postal Service* [ [link removed] ] from the man in charge of it. _________________________________________

[ [link removed] ]

*A few upcoming events: *
* September 20 Washington DC: *Demonstration at the EPA* [ [link removed] ].
* September 21 Online: *Debate on whether any war can be justified* [ [link removed] ].
* September 24 Seattle, WA: *Rally for Nuclear Abolition* [ [link removed] ].
* October 2 Online: *Livestream to Defuse Nuclear War* [ [link removed] ].
* October 14 Everywhere: *Picket Lines to Defuse Nuclear War* [ [link removed] ].
* October 16 Everywhere: *Actions to Defuse Nuclear War* [ [link removed] ].

Help us do more! This work is only possible with your financial support. *Please chip in $5 now. * [ [link removed] ]

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-- The Team


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