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Subject September newsletter: People do change
Date September 1, 2022 7:59 AM
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** People do change: Introducing the Blue Light project

If you’re involved in commissioning or providing frontline services, then our upcoming online event People do change: Introducing the Blue Light project ([link removed]) , on Tuesday 18 October 2022, is a must-attend.

Chaotic alcohol-dependent drinkers can have a tremendous impact on their communities and make frequent demands on a range of services: NHS, social care, housing, and emergency services which can mean spiralling funding costs.

The Blue Light Project helps drug and alcohol and other associated services to engage with chaotic drinkers for the benefit of all. In the sixty or more local authority areas where it has been implemented, the project has brought real reductions in harm and substantial reductions in costs to the public purse.

Read the agenda and book tickets ([link removed])

** Josh's story: I cycled 1500 miles to raise funds for Alcohol Change UK

When I was 19, I lost my friend Charlie, and I used drugs and alcohol to cope. This went on for years, along with depression and suicidal thoughts. I numbed myself by drinking more to make it easier.

In 2019, at 26, I lost another friend and decided I needed to change. I’m now in SMART recovery and I’m getting help from counsellors.

I fundraised for Alcohol Change UK because I've experienced first-hand how damaging alcohol can be.

I set off from Totnes, Devon and cycled up to Scotland covering 1500 miles in 14 days and raised £2774 to help reduce alcohol harm.
Take on a challenge (mailto:[email protected])

** Vicky Pattison documentary portrays alcohol dependency in a realistic way

Reality star Vicky Pattison recently presented a Channel 4 documentary – “Alcohol, Dad and Me.” In it, Pattison assessed her relationship with alcohol while her father John reflected on his drinking. It was a realistic portrayal of the twists and turns of alcohol dependency and how difficult it is to navigate a loved one’s serious drinking problem.

View here ([link removed])

** Alcohol news

** Scotland hits highest number of alcohol deaths since 2008
In 2021, Scotland had the highest number of alcohol-related deaths since 2008.

More than 1240 people died from alcohol harm in 2021 – an increase of 5% compared to 2020.

The deprivation gap is also a substantial factor in the deaths affecting low-income people disproportionately.

Read the report ([link removed])

** Drinking alone "increases risk of future alcohol problems"
A new study has found that drinking alone as an adolescent and young adult can increase the risk of alcohol use disorder later in life, especially among females. While most young people who drink do so with others in social settings, a substantial minority of young people drink alone - and this solitary drinking was found by the researchers to be a unique and robust risk factor for developing future alcohol problems.

Read the study ([link removed])

** Latest blogs

** Samantha's story

Samantha was a carer to her alcohol dependent mother and siblings and found alcohol complicated
Read the blog ([link removed])

** Call on the new PM

Alcohol Change UK call on the new PM to introduce robust alcohol harm reduction policies

Read the blog ([link removed])


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