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Subject [#M4M4All] These are so inspiring
Date July 25, 2021 8:56 PM
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Yesterday, Greens across the country joined or co-organized events to support the grassroots #M4M4ALL day of action.

No other national political party matches our commitment to healthcare as a human right. Improved, expanded Medicare-For-All has been in our platform for decades.

Candidates and elected officials in the corporate-dominated parties flirt with supporting Medicare-For-All, then back-peddle once elected, or once it comes up for a legitimate vote.

How many have unnecessarily suffered, died or had to grieve a loved one, due to lack of access to healthcare, kept from them by greed for corporate profits and lobbyist donations?

We hope you will donate to the Green Party today, <[link removed]> because the Parties of War and Wall Street will never deliver on massively popular policies like Medicare-For-All that can save or improve millions of lives unless we continue to run candidates and win campaigns.

We hope you find these photos of Green organizers at #M4M4ALL events as inspiring as we do:

Green Party of Allegheny County

2016 Green Party US Senate Candidate and former Green Party National Co-Chair Dr. Margaret Flowers

Former Green Party National Co-Chair Gloria Mattera (seen here with journalist Aaron Matte)

Green Party New York City Council Candidate and NYC #M4M4ALL event organizer Edwin DeJesus

Green Party of Ohio

and many, <[link removed]>many <[link removed]> more!

Improved Medicare-For-All is a direct to challenge to corporate interests — putting the people before the profits. If we're going to win it, we need a party and candidates who have pledged to always put people before profits. That means refusing corporate money and depending on grassroots support from everyday people like you. Please donate today! <[link removed]>

Green Party of the United States

P.S. we'll have video of #M4M4All speeches for you this week. In the meantime, check out the keynote speech <[link removed]> from our Annual National Meeting, by the amazing Kali Akuno! Support Green Party grassroots media by donating today! <[link removed]>

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