From Megan Watkins <[email protected]>
Subject Match your gift today for farm animals
Date May 4, 2021 5:24 PM
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This sheep went "on the lam"

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT for farm animals! (
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Dear John,

She was found with the number “95”
painted on her side—along with a red line on her back, likely
marking her for death.

But the sheep we now call Elli had other
plans. Last year, she escaped her confines and ran for her
life—going “on the lam” for the next 10 days. Now safe at Farm
Sanctuary, Elli doesn’t have to run anymore.

Elli’s previous trauma made her fearful
of people. In time, however, she found security in her flock and
learned that humans will never harm her again. Here, in her new
life in Sanctuary, this plucky sheep is safe, loved, and valued
as someone, not something—and she knows it.

Elli would not be here with us today
without compassionate friends like you. Nor would the nearly
1,000 other rescued farm animals who live at our two shelters. In
fact, Farm Sanctuary would not exist without you!

That’s why Farm Sanctuary is launching
our 2021 Membership Month Challenge today and asking friends like
you to take the next step in your commitment to helping farm

This year, we’ve set a Membership Month
goal of raising $50,000 by May 30th. And to get us off to a
strong start, a dear friend has offered to MATCH every gift made
today up to $15,000!

Will you help kick off our campaign,
John? Join Farm Sanctuary with a special Membership Month gift
right now and DOUBLE your impact today for our Sanctuary
residents and ALL farm animals! (
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When you become a member, you will
receive great benefits including a free subscription to our
member magazine, opportunities to take action and speak out for
farm animals, updates on urgent rescues, and more. Best of all,
you will get the good feeling of knowing you are forever changing
the lives of animals like Elli through the power of Sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary began our rescue work 35
years ago by freeing another special sheep, Hilda, from a “dead
pile” at a stockyard. In the years since, friends like you have
helped us rescue and shelter thousands of animals like her.

By sharing their stories of survival,
healing, and hope, you are helping us open people’s hearts and
minds to farm animals as sentient, intelligent individuals with
their own needs, desires, and personalities. Your support also
helps us share this compassionate messaging through humane
education—thereby nurturing a new generation of compassion.

You have also made Farm Sanctuary a
national leader in farm animal protection. Our advocacy work has
led to major victories that have improved the lives of millions
of farm animals across the country.

Farm animals have no better friends than
Farm Sanctuary and caring people like you! And you can help more
animals like Elli find the peace and freedom of Sanctuary by
joining Farm Sanctuary with a generous Membership Month
contribution today—and have it MATCHED, dollar-for-dollar. (
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Membership Month is an opportunity for
the Farm Sanctuary family to help more farm animals in crisis, to
grow our community of compassion, and to speak out for animals in
need everywhere!

But reaching our $50,000 goal by May 30th
won’t be easy. That’s why it’s so important for us to get off to
a strong start!

Will you help us show more animals like
Elli how caring humans can be?

Please join Farm Sanctuary today to help
farm animals in need. Every $1 you give today will become $2 for
the farm animals you love! (
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Thank you, in advance, for your
support—and for all you are doing to help us create a world in
which we meet cruelty with kindness and replace exploitation with

Yours for farm animals,

Megan Watkins

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. In addition to joining Farm
Sanctuary today to have your Membership Month Challenge gift
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), you can also be our first line of protection for farm animals
like Elli. If you see a farm animal in need of rescue or believe
farm animal cruelty is occurring in your community, please
contact us immediately at (607) 583-2225 ext. 223. Your call
could save an animal’s life!

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This generous matching gift opportunity
is provided by Debbie of Mokulele Farms, in loving memory of Paul
and all of the birds.

Farm Sanctuary

PO Box 150, ‌Watkins Glen,‌ NY 14891


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