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Subject [New post] 12 Vaccine Truths from the Disinformation Dozen Explained
Date April 8, 2021 12:39 AM
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Post : 12 Vaccine Truths from the Disinformation Dozen Explained
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Posted : April 7, 2021 at 6:39 pm
Author : Vincent Iannelli, MD
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Categories : Vaccine Misinformation

In response to being deplatformed from social media, the Disinformation Dozen has rebranded themselves as some kind of "Truth" Super Heroes.

[link removed] Does 'T' stand for tetanus???

Yeah, maybe in Bizarro World...

12 Vaccine Truths from the Disinformation Dozen Explained

Anyway, as you might have expected, their so-called "Vaccine Truths" read straight out of our list of PRATTS ( [link removed] ) - anti-vaccine Points Refuted a Thousand Times...

[link removed]

As most people now, liability was shifted to the Vaccine Court, but vaccine manufacturers can still be sued ( [link removed] ) , as at least one member of the Disinformation Dozen is well aware.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr ( [link removed] ) is actually suing Merck, the manufacturer of the Gardasil vaccine!

[link removed]

The DPT lawsuits that led to National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) were later found to be mostly frivolous ( [link removed] ) and it was found that the DPT vaccine ( [link removed] ) didn't actually cause all of the severe reactions for which it was being blamed.

[link removed]

This is a twofer... Unavoidably unsafe ( [link removed] ) doesn't mean that vaccines are unsafe. And although the NVICP has awarded over $4 billion dollars ( [link removed] ) as compensation for vaccine injuries, that's since 1989, when billions and billions of vaccines have been safely given.

[link removed]

There are many independent vaccine studies that show vaccines are safe - studies not funded by Big Pharma ( [link removed] ) . And global safety systems ( [link removed] ) monitoring vaccine safety.

[link removed]

It is no secret that some vaccines are made in cell lines ( [link removed] ) that were derived (they can replicate infinitely) from electively terminated pregnancies (abortions) that were done 35 to 50 years ago. No new abortions are being done to get these cells though. It is also important for people to understand that these cells and any residual DNA ( [link removed] ) are almost all removed before the vaccines are finished. If any DNA remained, they would be in fragments and unable to cause any problems.

It is also no secret that without these vaccines, millions of people would die ( [link removed] ) .

[link removed]

This is another twofer. The myths that vaccines aren't evaluated for mutagenicity, carcinogenicity or impairment of fertility ( [link removed] ) and that they aren't tested together ( [link removed] ) .

[link removed]

Did any of our heroes actually look at their immunization records ( [link removed] ) from when they were kids?

[link removed]

In 1960 ( [link removed] ) , kids got multiple doses of the DPT, polio, smallpox, and DT vaccines.

What else did they get? Measles, mumps, Hib, pneumococcal disease, meningococcal disease, rotavirus, chicken pox, and hepatitis A and B - all life-threatening, now vaccine-preventable diseases.

How many new vaccines have been added to the immunization schedule for young children in the past thirty years ( [link removed] ) ?

Would you guess five?

* chicken pox – 1995
* DTaP – 1996 (replaced DTP ( [link removed] ) )
* hepatitis A vaccine – 1996
* rotavirus vaccine – 1998
* pneumococcal vaccine – 2000
* influenza vaccines – 2004

Most other new vaccines were added for preteens and teens.

It is also a myth ( [link removed] ) that there has been an increase in infant mortality ( [link removed] ) (it has been decreasing!) and that most kids have a chronic health condition ( [link removed] ) .

[link removed]

The ironic thing is that we wouldn't need strict vaccine mandates ( [link removed] ) without non-medical exemptions if these folks didn't scare so many folks away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

Still, vaccine mandates don't force ( [link removed] ) anyone to get vaccinated. These are mandates with a choice. Folks who don't want to get vaccinated or who don't want to vaccinate and protect their kids typically don't like the choices they are given though. They want to send their intentionally unvaccinated kid ( [link removed] ) to school, for example, taking away everyone else's choice to go to school in a disease free environment, including those who can't be vaccinated.

[link removed]

I was going to write that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then... but I'm worried that the DisInformation Dozen will start claiming we are putting duck parts in our vaccines! And wait, why didn't they try to claim that COVID-19 vaccines are gene therapy ( [link removed] ) ?

[link removed]

Would these folks encourage anyone to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they were formally FDA approved ( [link removed] ) ? And why are they so against the COVID-19 vaccines, which have actually been well studied, completing stage III clinical trials, but then get so excited about unapproved, experimental therapies that have either been shown to not work or have little chance of working?

[link removed]

This one is actually true... well, except for all of the times that studies have shown that COVID-19 vaccines do actually prevent disease ( [link removed] ) and transmission ( [link removed] ) of infection!

[link removed] Anaphylaxis ( [link removed] ) is the one extra severe reaction that we are seeing with COVID-19 vaccines.

While there are reports of deaths ( [link removed] ) and severe reactions after people have gotten their COVID-19 vaccines in VAERS ( [link removed] ) , there are also plenty of reassuring reports ( [link removed] ) explaining why those deaths ( [link removed] ) and severe injuries ( [link removed] ) are likely not actually caused by those COVID-19 vaccines!

Wait, why would our "Truth Heroes ( [link removed] ) " leave that part out???

Did they mention how many people have died with COVID-19 ( [link removed] ) and other vaccine-preventable diseases?

Don't listen to them.

There is a reason that they are getting kicked off Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It isn't censorship. It is because they are misleading ( [link removed] ) and scaring ( [link removed] ) people away from getting vaccinated and protected in the middle of a pandemic.

More on Vaccine Truths

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CDC – COVID-19 Reported Adverse Events ( [link removed] )

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* The Disinformation Dozen ( [link removed] )
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* No definitive link between AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine and blood clot incidents ( [link removed] )
* A false post on social media claims COVID-19 vaccine causes infertility in women ( [link removed] )

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