From Justice NOW <[email protected]>
Subject The next uprising will be worse
Date January 13, 2021 7:49 PM
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Capitol Police have alerted Congress that there are plans for even more
armed insurrections in the next few days.(1)

This comes as no surprise: Why wouldn’t Trump supporters continue to try
to seize the seat of government, when there has been no real legal
consequence for Trump?

In fact, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) is trying give
himself, Donald Trump, and every other member of Congress who incited the
riots a free pass for the attempted coup, pressuring the House and Senate
to hold off on convicting Trump after today's impeachment vote.

Representatives in Congress who voted against the results of our free and
fair election should be held accountable for spreading false information
about the election and helping to incite the insurrection at the Capitol.
We’re going to use social media, advertising, and our grassroots lobbying
power to make sure that these congressmembers don’t get away with it.

[ [link removed] ]Courage California is launching a massive public call to expel the
seven seditious California members of Congress who contributed to the
riots at the Capitol. Will you donate?

73% of Republicans believe that there was widespread fraud in the 2020
presidential election, according to a new poll this week.(2) 

There have been numerous recounts and audits in Wisconsin and Michigan.
Georgia's secretary of state has given multiple interviews explaining
exactly how he knows that Biden won in the state. There is just no proof
of widespread fraud. How is it possible that three out of four Republicans
believe the election was rigged?

It's because Donald Trump keeps saying the election was stolen, and more
than 120 Republican members of Congress voted to support that allegation.
And members including Kevin McCarthy, Devin Nunes, and Darrell Issa are
using their public platforms to boost these lies.(3,4,5)

With that many people believing that a fraud was perpetrated on them, it
is easily foreseeable that some would turn to violence. That’s why we
must, we MUST, hold not only Trump accountable, but these seditious seven
members of Congress who supported Trump and objected to certifying the
Electoral College results(6):

Doug LaMalfa (CA-1)
Jay Obernolte (CA-8)
Devin Nunes (CA-22)
Kevin McCarthy (CA-23)
Mike Garcia (CA-25)
Ken Calvert (CA-42)
Darrell Issa (CA-50)

Courage California is the largest progressive organization in the state,
and we are going to leverage that voice to make sure that the seditious
seven members of Congress from California suffer political consequences
for supporting Trump’s insurrection. We’re organizing our partners and
members to demand justice -- will you donate to help ensure that we win?

[ [link removed] ]Yes, I’ll donate to help call on Congress to expel the seven seditious
California members of Congress who contributed to the riots at the

Yours in the fight for our democracy,

Irene, along with Angela, Annie, Caitlin, Deepthi, Gabby, Jay, Lindsay,
LisaMarie, Molly, Raquel, and Scottie (the Courage team)

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