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Subject SV DSA Newsletter: Join us on Election Night!
Date November 2, 2020 11:17 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
We have a world to win!Silicon Valley DSA NewsletterView online version [link removed] Valley DSA. Branches: Lower Peninsula, San Jose [[link removed]]Hi John!

Election day is almost upon us. Comrades don’t let comrades doom-scroll alone! We will be tracking results at the national level and for our endorsed candidates and ballot measures. Join us on Election Night [[link removed]] as we take in the numbers in real time.

We may not have the final results of the presidential election for a few days, but we expect to know about some of our local contests much sooner. Our local endorsed candidates like Jake Tonkel in San Jose and Lissette Espinoza-Garnica in Redwood City are pushing the envelope on what’s possible in politics. If you haven’t voted yet, make sure to check out our Voters’ Guide [[link removed]].

[[link removed]]Election Result Watch
Starting 7pm Tuesday [[link removed]]

Our objectives do not begin and end with the election. Regardless of what happens tomorrow and days after, we have a lot of work to do. Ask your friends to join DSA [], and attend our Post-Election Organizing Call on Wednesday. We have a world to win!

You’ll be hearing from us again this week as results stream in and as we execute on possible contingency plans. In the meantime, we wish you a safe election day.

In Solidarity,
Your SV DSA Newsletter Team 🌹

Silicon Valley DSA is your local volunteer-run chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America [[link removed]].

It’s our last night to get out the vote! Your calls will turn people out to vote:

* 4pm & 6pm. Jake Tonkel for San Jose D6 [].
* 5-8pm. John Lashlee for Mountain View! Join the call at 5pm [].
* 5-6:30pm. Lissette Espinoza-Garnica for Redwood City! Join the call at 5pm [].

Haven’t filled out your ballot yet? Check out our Voters’ Guide [[link removed]]! If you have not returned your ballot, do not put it in the mail — it will not arrive in time. Hand-deliver it directly to a designated dropbox or polling site.

Join Silicon Valley DSA on Wednesday, 11/4 to plan our immediate work post-election [[link removed]]. The struggle against capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, ecological destruction, and imperialism continues, no matter the results.

Protests are a key part of making change happen. Topics in our Protest 101 workshop [[link removed]] on 11/5 at 6pm will include safe practices for direct action during COVID-19, navigating escalation by the police, understanding your role in a demonstration, and more.

Get involved in the Mutual Aid Working Group!

* Donate to the Mutual Aid Fund! [[link removed]] We need $30k in 30 days for direct community aid in the form of money and supplies. If you're interested in coordinating fundraisers, writing posts, or organizing fundraisers, please get in touch.
* Volunteer for Mutual Aid! [[link removed]] We need volunteers to provide aid - which usually means picking up groceries for someone, chatting with them by phone to connect them with community resources, or running errands - and coordinators to connect volunteers with people requesting aid. As we scale up, we especially need coordinators.
* Fundraiser: Learn to Compose Music! [[link removed]] Join us on Saturdays, Nov 7 and 14.
* We started to put together a case study of the South Bay Mutual Aid/SV DSA mutual aid project for the national DSA Mutual Aid working group. Stay tuned!

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]] or #wg-mutual-aid on Slack [].

The healthcare working group is working on our Medicare for All webinar that we hope to present to the general public in January. Check out what we have so far [[link removed]]. We are also working to deepen our collaboration with other California DSA healthcare working groups. To that end, San Francisco DSA is planning a Nov. 15 state wide single payer strategy session that members will be attending. RSVP here for the statewide single payer healthcare call [[link removed]]!

The Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition (SCCSPHCC) is putting on a honk and wave rally in support of Medicare for All on 11/7. The rally will meet at the Town and Country plaza in Palo Alto and go from 12-2 PM. RSVP here to attend the rally! [[link removed]]

Contact: [email protected] [[email protected]] or #wg-mutual-aid on Slack [[link removed]].

Hang out with other rad comrades at our new weekly Friday social hour! You can still get social with socialists, even amid social distancing guidelines — join us on Friday, Nov 6 [[link removed]] at 7pm!

* Hatching chick 🐣 means newbie-friendly!
* General meetings are marked with a 🌹 rose.
* WG stands for Working Group.
* For more events, check out our calendar [[link removed]].

Time & PlaceEventMon 11/2
6-7:30pMembership Development Cmte [[link removed]]Mon 11/2
7-9pHousing WG [[link removed]]Tues 11/3
7-11p🐣Election Night Result Watch [[link removed]]Tues 11/3
7-8pCPC Exposé [[link removed]]Wed 11/4
5:30-7pLeadership Meeting [[link removed]]Wed 11/4
7-9p🌹🐣Post-Election Organizing Call [[link removed]]Thurs 11/5
6-8pTech Cmte [[link removed]]Thurs 11/5
6-7p🐣Protest 101 [[link removed]]Fri 11/6
6-6:45pComms Cmte [[link removed]]Fri 11/6
7-8p🐣Friday Social Hour [[link removed]]Sat 11/7
10a-12pComms Work Session [[link removed]]Sat 11/7
4:30 - 5:30p🐣Mutual Aid Fundraiser: Learn to Compose Music! [[link removed]]Sun 11/8
10a-12pComms Work Session [[link removed]]Sun 11/8
11a-12:30pMutual Aid WG [[link removed]]Sun 11/8
2-4p🐣Newbie Orientation & Chapter Work Session [[link removed]]Sun 11/8
7-8pAMP Cmte [[link removed]]Mon 11/9
6-7:30pMembership Development Cmte [[link removed]]Mon 11/9
7-8:30p🐣Justice WG Book Club [[link removed]]Tues 11/10
7-9pSocialist Feminist WG [[link removed]]Wed 11/11
7:30-9pDefund The Police: Menlo Park, East Palo Alto, Palo Alto [[link removed]]Thurs 11/12
6-8pJustice WG [[link removed]]Thurs 11/12
6-8pTech Cmte [[link removed]]Fri 11/13
6-6:45pComms Cmte [[link removed]]Fri 11/13
7-8pFriday Social Hour [[link removed]]Sat 11/14
10a-12pComms Work Session [[link removed]]Sat 11/14
1-3pPolitical Education WG [[link removed]]Sat 11/14
4:30-5:30pMutual Aid Fundraiser: Learn to Compose Music! [[link removed]]Sun 11/15
2-4p🌹🐣November Chapter Meeting [[link removed]]Sat 11/21
12-2p🐣Worker Organizer Training: Workplace Power Mapping [[link removed]]Sat 11/21
2-4p🐣New Member Orientation [[link removed]][[link removed]]

DSA is a membership organization. As a member, you can vote at our local meetings and run for leadership roles. We are funded by voluntary dues, but no donation is required to join.

Let's build socialism together!

Join DSA!

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