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Subject 18 weeks until Election Day
Date June 30, 2020 12:02 PM
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JUNE 30, 2020: Election Day is 18 weeks from today.

Scott Rasmussen ([link removed]) explores where things stand today in his Number of the Day podcast ([link removed]) .

Additionally, Ballotpedia provides the most comprehensive coverage ([link removed]) available anywhere of federal, state, and local elections, candidates, and issues.

The latest Scott Rasmussen national poll shows Joe Biden ([link removed]) leading Donald Trump ([link removed]) by eight points–47% to 39%. Six percent (6%) would cast their ballot for some other candidate and 7% are undecided.[1] ([link removed])

This is a slight improvement for the president from two weeks ago when he trailed Biden by 12.[2] ([link removed]) The week before that, it was Biden by ten.[3] ([link removed])

There are two basic ways to assess these numbers. The first is that the differences are merely statistical noise–this latest survey is two points closer than the ten-point margin and the previous survey was two points higher.

The other approach to consider is that the two previous polls were the biggest leads enjoyed by Biden all year. Prior to that, Biden’s lead has ranged between five and nine points since late March.[4] ([link removed]) It may be that Biden enjoyed a modest bounce in the polls as civil rights issues initially emerged and that the bounce has now faded.

The president does better among private-sector workers than government employees. Within the private sector, he does better among the self-employed rather than those who work for someone else.[1] ([link removed])



Each weekday, Scott Rasmussen’s Number of the Day ([link removed])  explores interesting and newsworthy topics at the intersection of culture, politics, and technology. Columns published on Ballotpedia reflect the views of the author.
To see other recent numbers, check out the archive ([link removed]) .
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_Scott Rasmussen is an editor-at-large for Ballotpedia, the Encyclopedia of American Politics. He is a senior fellow for the study of self-governance at the King’s College in New York. His most recent book, ** Politics Has Failed: America Will Not ([link removed])
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was published by the Sutherland Institute in August 2018._
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