From Charlie Angus <[email protected]>
Subject Tax the super rich
Date June 28, 2020 4:08 PM
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John --

This month's PBO report showed that the richest 1% of Canadians have more than 25% of the country's wealth. That's about 3 trillion dollars between them. THREE TRILLION.

That stinks -- and it's why we need to bring fairness back to our finances through a wealth tax. While the other parties are looking for ways to cut deals and create loop-holes for the super-rich, New Democrats are proposing a 1% wealth tax on people with more than $20 million. That 1% from the 1% will go a long way to reinvest back into the things that matter to me and you.

The ultra-wealthy aren't interested in change; they simply prop up the status quo because it benefits them. Keeping them extremely rich while millions of Canadians struggle to make ends meet. Well, we aren't in it for them. We're working for you.

The fundraising deadline is in less than 48 hours. Can you help by chipping in $3 or more?

Chip in!

I've worked in minority governments before -- and the key to delivering results is putting forward strong ideas, concrete proposals, and having the backing of a grassroots movement of people like you, John.
It's because of you we could secure the emergency response benefit, the 75% wage subsidy, and paid sick leave. It's a direct result of you speaking out, adding your voice to our campaigns, and showing the government that Canadians are with us and support our efforts.

The results from this next fundraising deadline can make us stronger -- and provide momentum to what we take on next. And, John, there's a lot to do. We're still working on getting a wealth tax, universal pharmacare, childcare, and more.

Are you in? Donate $3 or more before Tuesday's deadline:



Charlie Angus
MP, Timmins - James Bay
Canada's NDP

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