From Calum McGregor, CPRE <[email protected]>
Subject How’s your view of the stars?
Date June 13, 2020 7:48 AM
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In this issue: Star Count results, our new podcast, and road-building

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June 2020

Dear John

Back in February, we asked you to help us map the nation’s view of the night
sky. An incredible 2,500 people took part, and the results are now in.

61% of people saw 10 stars or fewer, indicating severe light pollution, and just
3% live in an area with truly dark skies.

We’ve created an interactive map of everyone’s star counts that shows where the
starriest skies were found and where people’s view of the stars is most affected
by light pollution.

How does your area compare? You can find out by exploring the map at the link
below. Be sure to zoom in to find your very own star count result!

Explore the map
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We’re super excited to launch the first episode of our new podcast - The
Countryside Voices podcast.

Tune in for inspiring countryside stories, expert voices and special guests
discussing the work we do to promote, enhance and protect our valued green

In this first episode we discuss the beauty of starry skies, our Star Count
results, and explore the wonderful world of bats with Joanna Ferguson from the
Bat Conservation Trust.

Listen on our website or subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Listen now
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How would you like to see your local green spaces improved?

Our new research shows that more than two-thirds of us want to see our local
green spaces enhanced with more plants and wildlife.

By properly investing in our green spaces we can make these spaces easily
accessible to more people and invite wildlife like birds, butterflies and bees
back where they belong.

Read more
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The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent reduction in traffic and air pollution
has offered us a glimpse into what life would be like if the private car was not

But the government is still planning to spend £27 billion on new roads, with
some of them driving right through protected landscapes.

We’re calling on the government to scrap these plans immediately and divert that
money to areas that improve people’s lives, rather than pollute them.

Read more from our Chief Executive Crispin Truman.

Read more
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While some restrictions have been lifted, many of us are still missing access to

But there’s a wonderful variety of live streaming webcams to help you get your
regular dose of wildlife.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite streams for your weekend enjoyment.

Discover wildlife
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Thanks for everything you do to support the countryside. We wish you, your
family and friends all the best over the coming weeks and months.

Calum McGregor

Digital Engagement Officer

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