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Subject The Metro Atlanta DSA Weekly Update🌹🌹🌹🌹
Date August 9, 2019 9:48 PM
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There's sooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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** We did it

** Thank you to all of you, the volunteers, the tablers, the hosts, the marshals, the patrons, the photographers, the donators, the planners, the committee members, the delegates, the emotional support, our friends and our family. Thank you. Without each of these roles being fulfilled the 2019 YDSA and DSA National Convention, point blank, could not have been done. 1100 people could not have been hosted. Constant points of order, information, and personal privilege could not have been levied. You are capable. You are wonderful. You are comradely. Our love and our strength will be reciprocated in kind.

Thank you.

** Look Mama, we made it! the news anyway.
Here's some of the many articles given about our convention. And, as always, fuck Faux News.

The Guardian: ‘We’re here to win’: US democratic socialists move to center stage ([link removed])

The New York Times: Is ‘Bernie or Bust’ the Future of the Left? ([link removed])

The Atlanta Journal Constitution: Georgia democratic socialists pledge to step it up in 2020 ([link removed])

Our members Eric Robertson and Rachel Kahn were on the AJC's Podcast Politically Georgia: Political Whiplash: the Resurgent DSA National Convention in ATL ([link removed])

** Lastly, a thank you letter from the San Francisco Delegation

** Atlanta DSA,

** We know being the host city for a DSA event means setting aside your chapter’s priorities and working tirelessly under pressure to ensure the event’s success. We also know the labor of supporting a convention is often invisible: assisting with day-of tech support and communication support, finding venues and recruiting talent for evening events, running items to back and forth, and much more.

Over 1,000 people from over 200 DSA and YDSA chapters convened to debate and struggle for the future of our organization. And we were able to do it because of the support your chapter provided, both during the planning phase, and also during the convention itself.

Everyone from Atlanta DSA we met was kind, considerate, and supportive. Thank you for your warm hospitality. Our delegation owes a great deal of thanks to your chapter and we appreciate all of your hard work.


** With Gratitude and Solidarity,
The San Francisco Delegation.

We're back on regular schedule with our general meeting. It'll be Saturday, August 24th.

This general meeting we're going to be taking a look in the past one last time, with report backs from our workin groups and the convention committees and delegates. From then on we're looking forward as far as it makes sense to. We're looking forward so that we carefully and meaningfully place each step we take. We are looking forward and we invite you to come to us with your ideas and desires on what and where forward is.

We have a few working groups that are either building strategies or looking to recruit more members for ongoing campaigns.
We're also preparing. The September meeting on the 28th will be when elections are held. All elected positions will be up for election: Chair, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, 3 At-Large Officer positions, and Harassment & Grievance Officers. In a future email, as we get closer to that election, we'll have information on what these positions are, what their responsibilities are, and some other important info determined form the people already holding the position. There are several folks already making considerations for running for some of these positions. The sign up will be created and put out at a later date.

peach are events hosted, co hosted, or sponsored by us
August 9

** Georgia Bernstorm ([link removed])
Georgia Beer Garden 420 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta
7pm - 9pm
Getting a Progressive elected to the White House is more important now than ever before. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is that candidate.

In order to build a strong grassroots movement, we must build strong connections. Let's get to know each other, share ideas, and have a little fun!

"No no no. It ain't Bernie, it's YOU! It MUST be you!!"
#NotMeUs ([link removed]) #Bernie2020 ([link removed])
August 10

** StandWithKashmir (Atlanta) protest march ([link removed])
Centennial Olympic Park
4pm - 5pm
Protest to call attention to India's recent human rights abuses in Kashmir. Since August 5th, the entire Valley of Kashmir has been under a communications blackout (Internet, mobile, land lines, TV). The Indian military has imposed a continuous curfew on all civilians, and an additional 35,000 troops on top of existing 750,000 troops were deployed. Over 400 people including political, civic and business leaders have been arrested.The Indian government has also made moves to unilaterally change Kashmir's status ignoring international law.
Over the last 70 years, nuclear armed rivals India and Pakistan have fought 3 wars over the Kashmir dispute.

** ¿Estamos Bien? A conversation about HIV and Latinx Salud ([link removed])
1123 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta
6pm - 9pm
A conversation about HIV & Latinx salud.

A panel discussion event for the Start Talking. Stop HIV summer event series presented by Living Walls!

Hosted by La Choloteca and Community Estrella!

✨ Panelists: :
+ Host: Estrella Sanchez
+ Moderator: Edric Figueroa (La Choloteca)
+ Alejandro Lopez (Atlanta HIV/AIDS activist and long-term survivor)
+ José Romero (Southerners on New Grounds)
+ Jesse Pratt Lopez (Community Estrella)
+ Sequoia Ayala, JD, MA (SisteLlove Inc.)

✨ Topics include
++ In wake of US political reality, how are economic barriers, immigration policy and media messaging impacting HIV, overall well-being and the health of Latinx in the South?

++ How has religion and the cultural norms within our own communities impacted the stigma of HIV, sex and desire?

++ What else is creating or contributing to the tradeoffs between Latinx-health-&-wellbeing for safety and survival?

++ & how can we mobilize change for a future that celebrates all Latinx- regardless of their HIV status, documents, race, or other marginalization?

** ¡Tra tra tra!: Pari Contra la Estigma ([link removed])
Join us for a night of dancing and healing in solidarity with Living Walls and Start Talking. Stop HIV.
#bailamospacurarnos ([link removed])

This is a space to:
+ Heal from the stigma of HIV, sex and desire
+ Get informed and advocate for the well-being of our community
+ Pari: Dancing has always been healing for our cultura so get ready to perrear the night away and let go of the parts of our culture that shame us!

August 11

** Keeping Our Kids Out Of Jail: Community Discussion ([link removed])
Auburn Avenue Research Library
3pm - 6pm

The Auburn Avenue Research Library in partnership with the Baton Foundation, Inc., and Watchdogs for Justice, will host a community conversation about how to keep our children out of jail. This program will examine the ways in which Black youth, Black boys, in particular, are targeted by the criminal legal system and what parents, guardians and those who care for and love them can do to keep them out of jail. Using skits, research and years-long experience as a criminal defense attorney, Clara King will lead an inspiring and informative conversation focused on how to keep our youth out of jail. Among the topics Ms. King will cover are: what to do when stopped by police, and how one can exercise his or her 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment Constitutional rights.

** Informal Strategy Call
Zoom Call

A few of us met up after the convention to start talking about these strategic plans, and we decided to have an open zoom call Sunday, August 12 at 4pm (and probably another meeting the next sunday, August 18 as well, maybe in person). The topic on the agenda is how we as a chapter want to move forward with all this momentum and energy from the convention. Any real decisions, of course, will be made at the August general meeting, but we thought a space for these conversations would be good.
August 14

** Ecosocialism Working Group Meeting
52 Fairlie St, Atlanta & Zoom Call
7:15pm - 8:45pm
August 16

** Eat Drink & Be Marxist ([link removed])
420 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta
7pm - 10pm
Come chat. Let's talk about socialism, or normie politics, or fun cool kid stuff idk. Maybe just drink and enjoy each other's company.
August 17

** Phone Bank at Lisa's House!
check Slack or email us for more info

Let's keep this momentum going! Phonebank for the general meeting at my house

As part of a general plan to engage our membership and build our chapter, we're going to being regular phone banking of our members, a first step among a number of actionable steps. Help us out with that.

Also bring food.

** Southern Caucus Zoom Call

We're getting the band back together. To fight this bullshit we collectively face in the Souf.

August 18

** Anti-Racism Rally & March ([link removed])
713 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta

Let’s all unite to take a stand against racism. Let’s march together to demonstrate the power of our connected freedoms.
Let’s do the work that is needed to end white supremacy and hate.

Program Details:
2 - 2:30pm =
Opening Rally at at North Ave. Marta Station
2:30 - 3:15pm =
March from North Ave. to 4th ward Historic Park (Greenspace C) - across the street from Ponce City Market (North Ave.)
3:15 - 4:00 - Closing Rally
* People who are differently abled or for those who prefer to only attend the closing rally may simply meet us around 3:15pm.
4:00 - 4:45pm - (optional) March back North Ave. Marta station

Goals for the Anti-racism Movement:

1) Protest white supremacy (including political racist attacks and actions)
2) Raise awareness of racist behaviors (overt and implicit biases)
3) Advocate for the passing of a Hate Crimes Bill in Georgia to outlaw anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or other forms of bigotry.
4) Focus attention on the fact that police brutality and inequities in criminal punishment are caused by racism
5) Justice for victims of hate crimes including police brutality and wrongful convictions.
6) Focus attention on the fact that racism causes mass incarceration (cradle to prison pipeline / mass incarceration)
7) Generate national interest in actively and aggressively addressing racism

** Informal Strategy Meeting
Time TBD
Place TBD

Like the zoom call, a meeting to discuss what's on your mind about the chapter and projections about its future.
August 22

** Complicated Ideas Presented Simply: Agamben and the Border
South Bend Commons
8pm - 10pm
August 24

** MADSA General Meeting ([link removed])
CWA Union Hall
4pm - 6pm
September 27
Lenox Marta Station
[link removed] ([link removed])

Rebellion Against the Government For Criminal Inaction in the Face of Climate Catastrophe and Ecological Collapse

On Friday September 27th we will carry out a non-violent strike in rebellion against our criminally negligent government on behalf of life itself. This action is in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike and Fridays For Future
Bring water, food to share and comfortable clothing.
Further details (travel, legal, labor, etc) coming soon.

[link removed]
[link removed]
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Donate ([link removed])
Thanks for reading. I strongly encourage you to become a member. You can do it for as low as 5$, or even free if you ask. You can also just donate to us if you support our work.

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