On your side in York Centre Hi! I’m Andrea Vásquez Jiménez – your NDP candidate for York Centre. I have continued to see firsthand how inequalities in our communities are growing.   The Liberal and Conservative governments keep leaving York Centre behind. They don’t understand our lived realities and their actions show it – they choose profit, corporations, and the ultra-rich over everyday Canadians and the environment.   We can close the gap of inequalities by having the ultra-rich and big corporations pay their fair share. I am a community organizer, educator and activist and we need a representative who will fight for all of us so that we can live and thrive.    We need universal pharmacare, dental care, and mental health services. Deeply affordable housing. Universal childcare. Reduce student debt and move towards free tuition. Lower cell-phone and internet bills. A national transit strategy. A national seniors strategy. Advance reconciliation and secure our future through Power to Change: a New Deal for Climate Action and Good Jobs.   Together, let’s make it happen. Read More