From Mike Baillie - Avaaz <[email protected]>
Subject Three degrees
Date March 19, 2023 5:07 AM
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Dear friends,

At just over 1 degree of warming,

the climate crisis is already slamming the planet -- fast.

In the last 12 months, a third of Pakistan has been submerged by floods, drought is starving millions in Somalia, and a massive heatwave has killed tens of thousands in Europe.
But here's the really terrifying bit: even if every nation fully implements their current climate plans,we're still on track for nearly THREE DEGREES of warming!
We CAN still turn this around . But to do it, we need governments to urgently scale up climate action, ending the age of deadly fossil fuels. So we've come up with a plan to make it happen:
We'll mobilise Avaazers everywhere to fight new fossil fuel projects , and a planet-cooking pipeline in East Africa; Fund ground-breaking legal cases to force accelerated climate action from governments;

Work with small islands threatened by rising sea levels to

push world leaders to phase out fossil fuels at UN climate talks;

We'll use our millions of voices to demand that

trillions of taxpayer dollars are shifted from funding fossil fuels, powering a clean energy revolution. Ending fossil fuels means taking on the most powerful corporations in history. The only way is with a massive uprising of people across the planet -- let's make it happen, together!

And we don't have much time. The door to the future we dream of -- where humanity and nature thrive together -- is slamming shut. Just a small weekly donation from each of us will make a huge difference.Let's fight together for the future of everything. Donate what you can now:

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OTHER AMOUNT ( [link removed] )

Ending fossil fuels won't happen overnight. Yet right now,

we're burning more every single year , putting us on track for a catastrophe beyond imagination. But there are real reasons to hope.

90% of the world's carbon emissions are now covered by phase out pledges -- a clean energy future is coming. It all depends on how fast we can make it happen.We need radical action to halve emissions by the end of the decade . That means no new fossil fuel projects, trillions poured into a massive renewable rollout -- and powerful laws to protect nature and people.

We can win important battles on all these fronts this year, and if there was ever a moment for people to change the course of history, it is now. For the climate, for nature, and for everyone you love,join this massive uprising for life on earth. Donate what you can now:

I'LL DONATE $1 WEEKLY ( [link removed] )

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OTHER AMOUNT ( [link removed] )

It can feel like we're making no progress in the battle against climate change. But together, our years of marching, campaigning, and advocacy have put the end of fossil fuels within reach. Let's take hope from that, and double down on the progress we've made, turning that hope into an unstoppable wave of people power that history will remember forever.

With fierce hope and determination,
Mike, Bert, Kaitlin, Camille, Adela and the whole Avaaz teamIf you're still mulling this over, here are 5 reasons to support Avaaz:
Your donations actually go to social change. Avaaz only raises funds through emails like this. It keeps our fundraising costs low, ensuring your donations are used directly in campaigns to change the world. Avaaz is independent, and 100% funded by members like you. We don't accept any government or corporate funding -- allowing us to campaign on any critical issue. Everything we do is thanks to small donations from citizens around the world. Accountability is built into every single one of our campaigns. We use member polling and emails like this to set our campaign agenda. Avaaz members decide what we campaign on, and how. We are fiercely democratic and people-power is in our DNA. It works! If you've read this far, you've probably been with Avaaz for a while, and you know what we're capable of. We have one of the finest, most ambitious advocacy teams in the world, and a proven track-record of major impact. We strive for systemic change, not piecemeal solutions. For a daily dose of people-powered victories, check out our social media channels ( [link removed] ). We punch way above our weight. With a global movement of almost 70 million people, from every country on earth, we ensure our voices are in the room, impacting the decisions that will shape our collective future. <br>PS. This might be your first donation to our movement ever. But what a first donation! Did you know that Avaaz relies entirely on small donations from members like you? That's why we're fully independent, nimble and effective. Join the over 1 million people who've donated to make Avaaz a real force for good in the world.<br><br>

More information:
Earth likely to cross critical climate thresholds even if emissions decline, Stanford study finds ( [link removed] )(Stanford News) Pakistan floods: One third of country is under water - minister ( [link removed] )(BBC) UN emissions report: World on course for more than 3 degree spike, even if climate commitments are met ( [link removed] )(UN News) Over 20,000 died in western Europe’s summer heatwaves, figures show ( [link removed] )(The Guardian) The evidence is clear: the time for action is now. We can halve emissions by 2030 ( [link removed] )(IPCC)

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