From Susan Mills-DeMaio <[email protected]>
Subject our family reacts to the attack
Date January 26, 2020 5:56 AM
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John: did you see the attack ad that Darrell Issa launched against my brother Carl DeMaio on TV to make sure voters know he is gay? Someone needs to tell Darrell Issa — SO WHAT!?

If you didn’t see the ad yet, the Union-Tribune editorial below describes it in detail.

Our family's reaction? Identity politics is an offensive and tired game played by Democrats — and “Desperate Darrell” Issa.

Here’s what voters DO care about: they know that Carl DeMaio is a FIGHTER who has stepped forward to fight against the career politicians when they betray us (e.g. gas tax repeal)! That’s all that matters.

If you agree with our reaction to this, our family asks that you help Carl win by contributing today. Carl’s positive response ad needs to be seen more than Issa’s trash!

CONTRIBUTE SECURELY: Carl DeMaio for Congress
PS: Read the U-T editorial below -- it calls Issa's attack ad "despicable" and "unforgivable."


Susan DeMaio-Mills

San Diego Union-Tribune
Editorial: Issa’s attack ad against DeMaio is a permanent stain on Issa

Political observers have always known that the open 50th Congressional District seat would be a hardball affair. The stakes are high and the candidates running have major differences. But former Rep. Darrell Issa’s new attack ad targeting fellow Republican Carl DeMaio, the former San Diego councilman and talk show host, is despicable. It’s nominally about who is the more devoted supporter of President Donald Trump and who is a bigger critic of illegal immigration. Yet the two headlines from printed stories the ad shows aren’t about these themes. Instead, they both identify DeMaio as gay.

Clearly, Issa believes pointing out this fact about his opponent will help him win some voters in the 50th, which includes East County and most of noncoastal North County. It’s also clear he’s lost some of his humanity. Polls show a growing, overwhelming acceptance of gay marriage and gay rights — which after all are human rights — but homophobia remains a problem. Thursday, Issa was unapologetic.

It’s a searing comment on Issa’s character that the former Vista congressman would try to take advantage of hateful views of the LGBTQ+ community. None other than Tony Krvaric, the chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County, told an editorial writer the ad was “Highly inappropriate. We encourage all candidates to stick to the issues.”

Gay-baiting is unacceptable and unforgivable.

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