ACLU of Northern California

Dear ACLU Supporter,

California's legacy of unjust mass incarceration has a particularly devastating impact on the health and well-being of pregnant people in the state's custody. Fair and just access to health care is a human right that cannot be infringed by a person's incarceration status. Yet, accessing adequate reproductive and pregnancy care is too often a frightening and traumatic experience for people incarcerated by the state.

Pregnant people who are incarcerated often receive biased, coercive information about their reproductive options, get substandard prenatal and postnatal care that endangers their health, and are denied reasonable accommodations that help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Just recently, a woman in a California jail gave birth in isolation without any medical or personal support because of the state's failure to provide adequate health care.


Our state government's power to incarcerate also obligates the state to uphold the human dignity of incarcerated people in the provision of health care, services, and supports throughout any aspect of their reproductive life events.

Ask your Assemblymember to vote YES on AB 732. Together, we can make sure California strengthens reproductive health care and accommodations for pregnant people by passing AB 732.


Abdi Soltani

Abdi Soltani
Executive Director, ACLU of Northern California