John -- how many times in the last year have you expressed frustration or disgust with the direction of politics in California? You’ve probably lost count. Today I need you to turn that into action -- and here’s why:

As you know over five months ago I gave up my radio show (which I really enjoyed) to run for Congress — not only to save the 50th Congressional District from being flipped to the Democrats, but to ignite a larger movement of Forgotten Californians ready to fight to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA.

But I simply cannot fight alone. I know I ask for your help a lot -- and you have stepped up -- but we need to finish the job and win this seat.

We are only TWO WEEKS away from voting beginning.

Can you please contribute as much as you can TODAY so I know how much budget we have to work with to win this?

We are running a LEAN campaign but are still short on the budget. We simply cannot wait any longer to do our mailings and ads. Now is the time.

Please do what you can!


Carl DeMaio

PS: As always, please forward this email on to at least 5 friends and ask them to contribute whatever they can — even $5 helps! Here’s the link they can use.