From Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman <[email protected]>
Subject I was at the VA 2a protest... This is not an endorsement but... it is pretty cool!
Date January 21, 2020 11:09 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Just the mention of the slogan I wear on my big
yellow hat and I got permission to put my magnet on his tank!
We don't endorse each other in any way, but he said
"absolutely" when asked if Taxation Is Theft!
Watch in the video below!


I'm proud to say I joined 22,000 armed protestors
in Virginia to defend our Second Amendment Rights!
I'm even more proud that no one got shot by those
nefarious ill intended guns! You'd think having that much evil in
one place... hah!
Of course no one got shot! only Responsible Gun
Owners showed up. Criminals will never affect or be affected by
laws and restrictions upon their rights. But hey, even the cops
were down with Taxation is Theft!

Join the fight for, or against, my hat!
Due to The Great Hat-roversy of 2020 we are holding
another funds drive vote to decide whether or not I should
test-pilot the Tuscon, AZ convention on 1/25/2020 hatless! This
will happen with every convention. The deal is I will leave the hat
behind when I go to the next convention if hat opposition can raise
more funds than those who support my hat by this weekend. However,
if Pro-Hatness out-votes the mad anti-hatters, His Royal Hatness
stays with me regardless of the opposing vote. Click the picture to
find and follow my hat on Facebook!
Use the first link
below to fight against my hat! Use the second link below to endorse
my hat!
Lose the hat: [link removed]
Keep the hat: [link removed]
Like and Follow Hat on Facebook:
[link removed]
Your donations, whether large or small, will ensure we get to
the Libertarian Conventions. We need at least 250 people to donate
at least $50 per month. That's less than being tax slaves!
Taxation is theft.
Donate here: [link removed]
In Liberty,
Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

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