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Subject Are there too many classified documents?
Date February 2, 2023 10:59 AM
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Plus, the used car boom comes to an abrupt end, and is the filmed philanthropy of MrBeast just ‘performative altruism?’ Email not displaying correctly?
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The One-Minute Meeting

The FBI searched a second home owned by President Joe Biden to see if they could find any classified documents. They found none. This is the third search of Biden’s files, in addition to files kept by former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, which raises the question of why there are so many secret documents out there.

One answer is that a heck of a lot of documents get marked secret that should not be. By one estimate, one government document is marked secret every three seconds, mounting up to 50 million documents a year. Who can keep up with all of that when thousands of people have the authority to mark documents as secret?

I will explain what should be secret, why so much gets protected that should not be and how overprotection can be just as harmful as underprotection.

Used car prices are falling fast. Some car dealers say they will have to sell their used cars for less than they paid for them. Part of the problem is that buyers don’t have much money in their pockets, and new car prices are moderating. Nationwide, used cars are sitting on car lots for 42 days before they sell.

One of the strangest stories of the day is unfolding on YouTube, where a video producer named MrBeast just paid for 1,000 eye surgeries around the world and is getting criticized for it. MrBeast has more than 131 million followers and has made a name for handing out millions of dollars to storm victims, orphans and people who are homeless. He worked with an eye surgery clinic and paid for cataract surgeries for people young and old. But some online critics say he is using needy people in his videos to get more viewers and make more money. Here is his video ([link removed]) . Come to my column to understand the blowback over it.

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