John -- because of the holiday Monday, TV stations are requiring that Carl DeMaio’s campaign place its first TV buy before noon tomorrow to run next week.

The bad news: we are short the funds we need to start our TV ad and our opponents are already on TV!

The good news: even though our opponents have a cash advantage, we have a MESSAGE advantage. We just have to be able to get that message out!

Without your help, Carl doesn't have a voice -- and only YOU can help give him that voice! We need your help TODAY.

Contribute TODAY: Give Carl a Voice Next Week!

Will you chip in at least $50 to give Carl a voice?

Chip in $25
Chip in $35
Chip in $50
Chip in $100
Chip in $250
Or donate another amount

It's CRITICAL you help now because time is running out to WIN this seat! Every dollar matters and we need funds sooner, not later, to be effective with our ads to voters!

There are only days until voting begins! There’s simply no time left to sit on the sidelines!

Team DeMaio



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