From Suzanne Karajaberlian, Environmental Defence <[email protected]>
Subject Why should you vote this fall?
Date July 30, 2019 9:03 PM
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Because acting together yields results.

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Dear John,

In the next five years, Canada and the world will face critical decisions about
our future. As ecosystems fail and the planet warms dangerously, our collective
well-being is deeply under threat. There is still time to chart a course to a
safe future for all - but we must act urgently. Choosing to vote
[[link removed]] for the environment is a good first step.

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Every day, we are experiencing the devastating effects of climate change.
Extreme weather events are more intense and frequent. 100 year floods are now
becoming the norm. Forest fires are forcing people to find new homes. New
species are being added to our endangered lists at shocking rates. This is a
critical moment where our planet’s health must come first.

But all is not lost. Yes, we are facing a huge challenge, but with it we are presented with the
opportunity to re-imagine our communities, businesses and leadership in new
ways. We can address the connected issues of climate change, Indigenous rights,
ecosystem loss, equity, affordability and environmental justice - and we can
start with our vote.

Together, we can let all of the candidates running in the 2019 fall election
know that our vote will depend on their commitment to implementing a strong
environmental protection plan. Join the One Earth One Vote movement to learn more about what you can do.

Together for One Earth,
Suzanne and the One Earth One Vote team at Environmental Defence

P.S. Our work to ensure a strong climate action plan for Canada would not be
possible with you. Please support our work with a donation
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Environmental Defence Canada - 116 Spadina Avenue, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario,
M5V 2K6

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