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Subject 🤔 Are you one of the 40 million? 🤔
Date January 25, 2023 2:03 AM
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Are you one of the over 40 MILLION Americans who owns a pistol brace? If you are, you need to read this update RIGHT NOW.

The ATF's final pistol brace rule is set to be published in the Federal Register, triggering a 120-day doomsday clock for many.

After all, once the rule is published, on Day 121, if you haven't surrendered your property or registered it, you will be a FELON.

GET IN THE FIGHT RIGHT NOW! <[link removed]>

What's more, the ATF is trying to entice owners of braced weapons to register them as NFA items for free, possibly entrapping them.

Indeed, do you really believe the ATF is capable (or even willing) of processing 40 MILLION NFA items in just 4 months?

We've already seen in tyrant states like California how government registration websites mysteriously 'crash' and lock gun owners out of compliance windows.

And now the ATF stands to bait you into announcing you have one of these devices, letting them know exactly what you have.

<[link removed]>

That's why it is VITAL that every gun owner who owns a pistol brace give to help us SUE the ATF over this atrocity!?

Please donate $100, $50, or even $25 ASAP. If you do, you will be entered to WIN an M1A Scout Squad!? <[link removed]>

This regulation is rapidly escalating into a nightmare scenario,?Friend. And we can't afford to sit on this.

GET IN THE FIGHT RIGHT NOW! <[link removed]>

Shrewd gun owners who have looked at the ATF's "factoring criteria" for what would constitute an SBR have already noticed an outrageous implication...

By declaring that possessing any braced firearm with sufficient "surface area" to be shouldered takes you halfway to having an SBR, a weapon with a mere buffer tube could possibly fall within the purview of the vile NFA.?

What's next on the ATF's ludicrous list of devices that could magically turn your rifle into an SBR? A toilet plunger?

These fascist bureaucrats have gone too far with this latest assault on The People, and we've got to MAKE THEM PAY!?

GET IN THE FIGHT RIGHT NOW! <[link removed]>

So again, please stand with us today in fighting the corrupt ATF by making a contribution immediately. <[link removed]>

Donate NOW to do battle with the disgusting ATF and be entered to WIN an M1A Scout Squad!

Stay Free,

Firearms Policy Coalition


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