From Jennifer Giegerich <[email protected]>
Subject Did you hear the news from Gov. Evers tonight?
Date January 25, 2023 1:49 AM
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Gov. Tony Evers announced a major PFAS initiative!

Hi John,

I just got back from the State Capitol where I attended the State of the State Address and had to share this fantastic news with you as soon as possible!

In his address, Gov. Tony Evers announced a major PFAS initiative!

The package includes $106 million in funding for PFAS solutions, $100 million to local communities to manage PFAS contamination, $1 million for the collection of PFAS-laden firefighting foam, $1 million for education and awareness initiatives, and DNR staff will head efforts to protect our drinking water and perform soil testing. [ADD or edit based on new details tonight]

This is huge. We specifically asked for these solutions, and now we’re seeing real progress. Your commitment to fighting for clean drinking water, especially PFAS pollution, is paying off. And, Gov. Evers continues to prioritize clean water. He has consistently led efforts to make the water we drink safer.

Well done, conservation voters!

Gov. Evers also celebrated the state's Clean Energy Plan. The Clean Energy Plan is one of our clean energy work’s most important results. People from across Wisconsin – with conservation voters at the forefront – powered this achievement. They volunteered hundreds of hours, showed support at events, and successfully lobbied elected leaders to make this plan a reality.

Gov. Evers was talking about what you accomplished when he said tonight:

"Our state now has a Clean Energy Plan with strategies to help lower energy bills for working families, reduce our reliance on out-of-state energy sources, invest in job training and apprenticeship programs in innovative industries and technologies, and create an estimated more than 40,000 jobs by 2030.”

This is a great start to 2023, and I wanted to thank you and update you as soon as I could. We’ll be diving into the new PFAS initiative shortly and will share more info as we receive it and study it.

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Congrats, conservation voters, and thank you!

Jennifer Giegerich
Government Affairs Director
Wisconsin Conservation Voters

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