John, did you see this?! Democrats have NEVER been in a better position to retake the House:

FIRST: We completely SHUT DOWN any possibility of a “red wave” -- and handed Republicans HUMILIATING defeats in key districts.

THEN: We whittled down Republicans’ House Majority to a razor-thin margin. 

NOW: We’re only FIVE seats away from FLIPPING the House and retaking our critical Democratic Trifecta.

But John, we need to put in the work NOW to DEFEAT House Republicans and pull off a STUNNING comeback. So we’re calling on 1,400 of our top grassroots Democrats to become 2023 Founding Donors before our FIRST End of Month Deadline of the entire year. Can you rush $3 to claim your 2023 Founding Donor Membership status and help us build the strongest foundation possible for the fight ahead? >>
2023 Founding Donor Membership
NAME: [email protected]

Suggested Support: $3

John, we can sit back and let House Republicans cement their hold on power and completely crush our momentum…

Or we can rise up, pull off an unprecedented SURGE of 2023 Founding Donor Memberships, and seize this opportunity to defeat House Republicans once and for all. 

We’re counting on you to make the right choice and rush in $3 to claim your 2023 Founding Donor Membership before our critical deadline. Will you help us build on our momentum and prove that Democrats have what it takes to WIN? Or will you let the GOP gain the upper hand at the worst possible moment? >>
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