From Ruben Gallego <[email protected]>
Subject Superhuman
Date January 17, 2023 4:17 PM
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[1]Ruben Gallego for Arizona

People have this image of United States Marines. They think of us as almost superhuman.

The truth is, we are a lot of things: highly disciplined, loyal to our country and our fellow Marines. We have a proud history of courage and achievement. We value integrity, service and sacrifice.

As I think about whether or not to challenge Senator Sinema, it is a lot of the characteristics that make up a good Marine that is pushing me toward yes.

Loyalty to country, service and integrity — to do what’s right for the people we serve ahead of what may get headlines, attention and personal power.

The truth is Senator Sinema has had a lot of chances to do what’s right on issues like voting rights, raising the minimum wage, abortion access, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

She looked over one shoulder at the bipartisan collection of her constituents who support those things. Then she looked over her other shoulder and chose to side with the lobbyists and special interests who oppose them.

Yes, I am a Marine.

No, I am not superhuman.

If I challenge Senator Sinema, I cannot do this alone. If I challenge Senator Sinema, I need as many donations as possible to be ready from day one. So please:

Can you contribute whatever you can afford today, to my campaign? If I run against Senator Sinema I’ll be able to use this money on day one. And with her millions in the bank, we’ll need it.

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Thank you,

Ruben Gallego

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