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Hello out there in the Pod-o-sphere!

Prince Harry’s new book has dropped, and if you haven’t started calling your younger siblings "spare" what are you even doing with your life? 

You know what else just dropped? A new episode of "Feminist Buzzkills Live!" And it, too, is full of all kinds of racist shenanigans from America’s Royal…pains in the ass. 

Last week on the pod, we hit you with the amazing news about medication abortion: 

  1. That the FDA has ruled medication abortion can be dispensed at your local Walgreens or CVS and 
  2. That the post office can deliver abortion pills by mail to every single state in these here UUUnited States of Amurica! 

It was a lot to unpack, so this week on the pod we’re bringing in Meg Sasse Stern from the independent abortion provider Just The Pill, expert on all things medication abortion, so we can learn exactly what all of it means for expanding abortion access!

PLUS: What’s it like to be a non-binary Muslim comedian working in the abortion world, you ask? Your Buzzkills have EXACTLY the person to answer that question; Abortion Access Front head writer Alyssa Al-Dookhi

They explain it all and share some of the hilarious trolling they’ve been doing of the worst anti-abortion politicians in America.


All that plus all the rest of the news you need to know from the intersection of abortion and misogyny. 

Did we mention the Alabama Attorney General who’s come up with the MOST creative way to prosecute pregnant people who use abortion pills? You’re sure to come away stanning that guy.


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Thank you, we love you, keep listening!

Xoxo Lizz, Moji, and Marie


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