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Mighty fine evenin’ to ya, podcast listeners! 

While we are SADLY disappointed that we have not been nominated for Speaker Of The House, your “Feminist Buzzkills!” are forging ahead with a stellar FIRST PODCAST OF 2023. Legendary comedian, actor and overall fabulous person SANDRA BERNHARD, host of the Sandyland podcast is here to help us ring it in!


Plus, people treat pregnancy, pregnancy loss and abortion SO differently- WHY DO THEY DO THAT? THAT’S WEIRD! Pregnancies end for all sorts of reasons! Law professors GREER DONLEY and JILL LENS have experienced this trauma first hand, and talked to others for their new research paper. They are here to talk about their experiences, findings and how we can reshape the narrative.  


The FDA has ruled pharmacies can dispense medication abortion! The big question is- with their history of refusing to dispense birth control and miscarriage management on “religious grounds”, will they make sure patients can get access to the medication without hassle and judgment?


And will it matter now that the post office can deliver abortion pills ANYWHERE?!!! We dive into all of it y’all! 

“Feminist Buzzkills Live!” is the only weekly abortion podcast made BY people in the abortion field.

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Glad to be heading into 2023 with you! 

Xoxo Lizz, Moji, and Marie



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