Our first fundraising deadline of 2020 expires this Friday, so in a minute I’m going to ask you to add a donation to my campaign and our efforts to take back the Senate. But first, will you give me a moment to explain why?

Whether you’re from a big city or live on a family farm like me, I think there are things we can all agree on.

Like the need to make sure everyone has access to quality health care, the ability for folks to get a good job that pays the bills, and a government that works for people -- not big corporations.

I’m going to keep doing everything I can in the Senate to stick up for regular folks and fight for the common sense values that bring us together. But our success all depends on taking back the Senate this year.

So if you’re with me, I could use your help.

My fundraising team tells me we’re a bit off track for our mid-month goal and they asked me to reach out to see if you can help us get back to where we need to be before the week ends.

If you can swing it, will you donate $10 or more to help us meet our very first fundraising deadline of the new year? Anything you can pitch in would mean a great deal to me.

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Thanks for all you do,