From Senator Ted Cruz <[email protected]>
Subject 🚨URGENT: They're coming for Texas🚨
Date January 14, 2020 8:00 PM
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I am reaching out today with urgent news...

The Democrats are trying to buy the special election for HD28, and they’re pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the race. This is the first step in their attempt to turn Texas BLUE in 2020. Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, and other radical, Democrats have set their eyes on HD28, with the goal of flipping the seat and eventually turning Texas blue.

If out of state billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg can buy this election, the legislative results that follow will be disastrous. By taking this seat and having a Democrat majority in the legislature, I can guarantee their goal will be to immediately infringe upon our Constitutional rights to self-defense, religious liberty, and more.

I wouldn’t be writing to you if it wasn’t grave circumstances, but the fact is if they win this seat, they could reach their goal. We can stop them before it’s too late, but we have to act fast.

JOIN THE HD28 DEFENSE TEAM [[link removed]]

It could be devastating if we lose this seat, so we have to make sure this doesn’t happen. Join me in the fight for HD28 and Texas! [[link removed]]

JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY [[link removed]]

For Texas,

Senator Ted Cruz

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Republican Party of Texas

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