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Subject Here's why we're relying on you and 15 others
Date January 14, 2020 7:58 PM
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esterday we launched a mid-month goal to fund our critical work in the final weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Our goal is to raise $750,000 in three days. Thanks to grassroots donors, we saw a great response yesterday. But today is a new day, and we really need a surge of support in order to hit this goal.

If 64 people from your state chip in $23 (our average contribution) now, we'll stay on track to hitting our goal by tomorrow. But not everyone reading this will donate. That's why we're relying on you.

Can you be one of the X today to help hit our goal by the deadline? Any amount you can chip in today would go a long way.
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Elizabeth is going to fight for working families and make the case for big, structural change from the debate stage tonight. Afterwards, we'll continue to work our hearts out to inspire as many people as possible to caucus for her on February 3.

That means knocking on doors, making calls, buying ads, hosting events, and getting Elizabeth's message out there -- and the money we raise to hit this goal will fund all that work in the weeks ahead.

But this is a competitive race, and if we fall a little bit short of this goal, we'll have to make adjustments to our budget in the crucial final stretch. Can Elizabeth count on you?

Please be one of the 64 supporters from your state we're relying on today to help hit this critical goal.
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