Did you know that Democrats moved UP the election to March 3?
Now we are only 23 days away from the start of voting! There’s no time left to prepare and we need your help ASAP so Carl DeMaio can save the 50th Congressional District!

Carl DeMaio has always stepped forward to fight for us and now he needs YOU to stand with him to fight for this seat in Congress!

 With only 53 days left until the election — and 23 days until ballots hit mailboxes — we just can't wait any longer.

Will you contribute at least $25 today to keep this seat out of the hands of the Democrats? 

Chip in $25
Chip in $35
Chip in $50
Chip in $100
Chip in $250
Or donate another amount

It's CRITICAL you help now because time is running out to SECURE this seat!

Every dollar matters and we need funds sooner -- not later -- to be as effective as we can with our ads to voters!

Team DeMaio









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