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Subject Here are important issues and events for Missourians for December and beyond!
Date December 15, 2022 9:44 PM
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Jack --

Green Party Members and Friends

As people reflect on the past year, please remember that hunger, oppression, war and inequality do not pause for holidays. Thus, this is a partial listing of activities, events and issues that need attention. Please read and review this listing and participate if you are able.

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for your work on the Kevin Johnson clemency campaign and for all you do to uplift the need to abolish the death penalty. I hope you can join us on December 20th for an open house at the MADP office in KC with postcard writing for upcoming clemency campaigns and community. Peace, Elyse 

Elyse Max (she/her)

co-director, MADP

(o) 816-931-4177 <[link removed]>


To All Concerned with Flood Victims:

If you tuned intothe Dec 7, 2022 webinaron “Minimizing Future Flood Damage,”you heard fromZaki Baruti of the Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO).

Hedescribed howUAPOhad donated bottled water to the people of Jackson, MS.

On August 30,torrential downpourscaused pumps atJackson’streatment facility to fail, leaving most residents without clean water.

Since Jackson had long been neglected by the state government, it was a clear example of extreme environmental racism toward the predominantly Black city.

Zaki wrote methat, even though Jackson is out of the news, the crisis has not been resolved and people still need clean drinking water.

The UAPO is again seeking donations to get bottled water to Jackson residents and asking other groups and individuals to help.

I have never before asked webinar attendees for a financial contribution but felt this directly involves everyone who signed up for the event.

So, I am asking you to support UAPO efforts.

Though I am giving $50 and Barbara is giving $100, if you can toss in even $5 or $10 it would be deeply appreciated.

Please make your check out to “Universal African Peoples Organization,”write “Jackson MS Support” in the lower left corner and mail it to …

UAPO c/o Don Fitz

6954 Dartmouth Ave.

St. Louis MO 63130

Since Zaki will be bringing water to Jackson residents before the end of the year, please send your check by Christmas.

Also, email me right away saying how much you are sending so he will know how much to buy.


Don Fitz


Upcoming Webinar in February 2023:

February 1: "It's Not Just the Guns: Where does Violence Originate in the U.S.?" 

Speakers: Elyse Max, Missourians Against the Death Penalty; Kalambayi Antenet, African People's Socialist Party; Frank Lawrence, Greens Kansas City; Margaret Kimberly, Green Party US (partial listing)

Save the date: Webinar February 1, 2023 - 7:00 - 9:00 PM CT

Nicolas Davies Tour Report -- Update

Missouri Green Party members helped to sponsor co-author Nicolas J.S. Davies to Kansas City, Columbia, and St. Louis. Nicolas co-authored the book: "War in Ukraine--Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict". Davies did the basic research about what led up to the conflict. His co-author is renown author and activist and Codepink founder, Medea Benjamin. Codepink is a feminist peace organization. Check out the book--it's a page-turner of events that pre-empted this senseless war as well as pointing out that to end the war, activist organizations need to call for diplomacy and peace negotiations. Organizations that participated in the tour were: Community of Reason, KC; PeaceWorks KC; Veterans for Peace KC, Columbia, St. Louis; Peace Studies Dept (Columbia, MO) 

Here is a link for information about the book:

WAR IN UKRAINE: Making Sense of A Senseless Conflict | Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies | OR BOOKS <[link removed]>

Green Party Peace Action Committee submitted a resolution about Ukraine, which narrowly passed in the National Committee voting body. Here is the position of the Green Party US about Ukraine:

[link removed]

(link will open after being downloaded)

Working Groups?

In January, there will not be a webinar--but the Missouri Green Party would like to suggest that we have anyone who would like to work on any of the following issues: abortion rights; Medicare 4All and Ballot Access for Missouri Greens Party committee participate in the working groups for Missouri.

The MOGP Coordinating Committee would consider other working group suggestions.

Save the Date: Missouri Working Groups (Issues) - Jan. 4, 2023

Build and Donate to Missouri Green Party

Green Party US and Greens KC, as well as Gateway Greens St. Louis--take 0 corporate funds and rely on membership dues and contributions. Consider sending a donation as we continue the work of Peace, People, and Planet over Profit!!

More importantly, consider joining the Missouri Green Party lend your talents and commitment toward shaping a better world--a world that prioritizes people, peace and planet above profit!

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