From George Buck <[email protected]>
Subject I stand for America, not the terrorists
Date January 8, 2020 8:38 PM
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Hi John,

My name is George Buck, and I am an American!

That used to not be a controversial statement. But that was before Nancy Pelosi and the "Squad" of far-left extremists took over Congress!

That's why you have a completely partisan impeachment sham, supported only by Dems, and used entirely for partisan electoral purposes.

That's why the Democrats are all criticizing the President for ridding the world of a heinous terrorist who killed literally thousands of Americans and wounded many more.

The Dems have become a party of anti-American Socialists- and that includes my opponent, Turncoat Charlie Crist!

They complained about not getting briefed by the President. What a sham.

Obama never briefed anyone before ordering drone strikes. He's not required to.

And in this case, given the clear sympathies the radical Dems have for the Iranian terrorists, I don't blame the President- the Dems would have tipped off Soleimani!

Bottom line, the Dems don't want America to succeed - they want America to fail because they hate our freedom and they hate what makes us Americans.

You could see it in Nancy Pelosi - who arrogantly refused to take a call from Vice President Pence as the Iranians launched missiles at us.

That's right- she just kept on hobnobbing with the wealthy DC elite at a swanky cocktail party. LITERALLY said "let them eat cake" to the Vice President while we were under attack!

She doesn't care about us- she wants power and she wants to hate the President.

The whole lot of them are disgraceful.

As a published expert in counter-terrorism, a retired firefighter, and a former member of the 101st Airborne, I will work tirelessly to protect the American people!

I have devoted my life to protecting Americans. The Democrats, on the other hand, don't care- and will never protect us!

I will defend you, defend our country, and defend our Constitution. You can't count on the Dems, but can count on me!

I am a conservative who won't destroy our country like the Democrats! That's why I need your help

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to defeat Charlie Crist!

Can you help my campaign to give Charlie Crist payback for impeaching President Trump with a $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000

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….. or maybe even the Federal Maximum $2800 contribution?

The Dems want to "let us eat cake". Let's be Americans again- and dethrone them for their arrogance! Help me beat Charlie Crist today!

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For God and Country,


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Dr. George Buck, Jr.

101st Airborne Division

Republican Candidate for Congress, FL-13


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P.S. The federal maximum is $2800 per individual, $5600 per couple. Your involvement today will make a BIG difference!

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Charlie Crist needs payback for impeaching President Trump.


PO Box 7081
St. Petersburg Florida 33734

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