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Subject Asking questions with this Labor Government is off-limits. Makes you wonder what they are trying to hide
Date December 5, 2022 8:01 AM
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G'day John,

Last week Australians were witness to one of the most irresponsible reckless acts of poor governance in modern memory. Anthony Albanese's Labor party, with help from their obedient Green lackeys and one rookie Senator forever to be known as "Doormat" Dave Pocock, rushed through some of the most radical changes to Australia's IR system we have seen in decades.

Labor allowed for little over a month for an investigation into their legislation. Hardly enough time for struggling small business owners to put together a submission. When the legislation was introduced into the Senate it came with pages of amendments, none of which had been examined by the Senate. Then after a few hours of debate Labor, Greens and the hapless Doormat voted to end the debate and rush this reckless legislation through. They also chose to vote down One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts' amendment to the legislation that would have ended COVID-19 vaccine coercion just to put a cherry on top.

As to whether this was the worst thing our Labor/Green/Doormat coalition managed to achieve this week, there is some competition. They also teamed up to vote down a proposal by Senator Hanson for an inquiry into the huge increase in Australian children being diagnosed with gender dysphoria and treated with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Apparently asking questions about this issue is off-limits. Makes you wonder what they are trying to hide.

While there have been a number of injustices last week that hasn't stopped One Nation from seeking to tip the scales of justice back the right way.

Currently, in South Australia, the loss of an in-utero baby due to a criminal act is legally recognised as only an injury to the mother.

One Nation's Sarah Game has introduced legislation that would right this wrong and ensures that unborn children can be acknowledged as separate victims in their own right, not just recorded injuries to the mother.

One would hope that Labor and the Greens don't seek to block this worthy measure as well.

We shall see.

Kind regards,

Peter Brady


Pauline Hanson’s One Nation - 109 Holt St, Eagle Farm, QLD 4009, Australia

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