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Hey John - it’s not too late to get in on this Giving Tuesday action, babe! 

You’ve been with us this on this ride known as 2022 and you know that whether we're sending clinic staff comfort food and self-care kits after the Dobbs decision, or recruiting and vetting volunteers for Operation Save Abortion - Abortion Access Front has spent this year (like we do every year) - Doing the damn work.

Support us and these magical abortion providers with a donation today. 

There’s a match in effect but just for Giving Tuesday! You give, we get D O U B L E

$5 becomes $10, $50 becomes $100 - you get the idea. 

So that means DOUBLE the support for these amazing providers.


Thank you so much for all of the kind words and gifts that we received! You truly have made an exceptional impact in our hearts and our willingness to keep going in these difficult times. You and everyone else at AAF are AWESOME!!! - Whole Women's Health of South Bend


Plus, our Feminist Buzzkills Live! Podcast has kept you informed on all the latest abortion news, AND we were out in the streets raising the temp about what is at stake for our provider friends.

We also managed to thwart some anti-abortion nutters along the way! We supported a federal investigation that lead to ELEVEN of these anti-abortion haterists getting charged with federal violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act for their roles in an abortion clinic blockade in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. AND we actually stopped a clinic invasion in another part of Tennessee over the summer. 

SO donate today on Giving Tuesday, and keep our good trouble going!


Team AbortionAF


PS - Don't forget your gift is MATCHED today!!!

PPS - If you donate, you'll stop getting annoying fundraising emails for the rest of the year! Promise!


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We're @abortionfront everywhere - TikTok too!

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