From Nancy Pelosi <[email protected]>
Subject DEVASTATING blow
Date November 28, 2022 8:02 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
John – I want to share FIVE reasons why I need you to chip in $5 before my End of Month Deadline. I’d love it if you could read my note until the very end, but if you have to log off, can you rush an urgent $5 before you go to help Democrats hit our goal and erase Republicans’ millions? >> [link removed]

FACT #1: Democrats just CRUSHED Republicans’ hopes of a “red wave” in this historic midterm election.

FACT #2: House Democrats defied history and handed Republicans one of the narrowest House Majorities EVER.

FACT #3: Senate Democrats PROTECTED our Majority and BEAT nearly all of Trump’s hand-picked candidates.

FACT #4: We can hand Trump his first DEVASTATING blow since announcing his Presidential campaign by WINNING the Georgia runoff.

FACT #5: Donating $5 is the most significant thing you can do to ensure we have the resources to counter Republicans’ millions, DEFEAT dangerous Republicans like Donald Trump and Herschel Walker, and set the stage to RECLAIM the House for Democrats >> [link removed]

John, if everyone reading this email today gave $5 before our End of Month Deadline, we’d erase the millions of dollars that McConnell and Trump have rushed to crush our Democrats in states like Georgia.

So I’m asking – can you chip in $5 right now and help us make history? [link removed]

Chip in $5 now >> [link removed]
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