From 400%-MATCH ACTIVATED | Progressive Turnout Project <[email protected]>
Subject BRUTAL in Georgia [Herschel Walker]
Date November 24, 2022 5:12 PM
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Progressive Turnout Project
Look, we never expected this to happen. We thought Georgia was safer than this.

But now, the Georgia Senate race is headed to a RUNOFF! If we win in Georgia, this is our chance to free the Senate from Manchin and Sinema's games.

With the GOP swarming down on Georgia, we're preparing for a nasty, expensive runoff in Georgia.

And sadly, our campaign warchest is bone dry – we spent every penny getting Democrats to the polls! So we’re racing to raise 10,000 donations to this email so we can keep our staff on the ground in Georgia so that we can ensure we keep it BLUE. This is so serious that Important Donors are 400%-Matching all donations to this email. Can you donate RIGHT NOW?

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