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Hi John,

Do you ever just think, “Surely, these misogynistic henchmen have no more nefarious tricks up their sleeves!” Well, don’t call us Shirley and we fucking wish, y’all- but at least we’re here to give you the scoop on all the latest ways these chuckle fucks want to make your life miserable! You’re welcome…?

The sheer audacity to restrict abortion access for millions of pregnant folks AND make it even harder to not get pregnant in the first place is apparently where we’re heading (ahem- which we’ve been saying for years). Satan B. Anthony- ope, so sorry, Susan B. Anthony, Pro-Life America’s minions were recorded advising your least favorite electeds to wait on banning IVF and emergency contraception until, I guess, they think y’all will forget how PISSED OFF you are!

Speaking of being pissed off, Utah is entering the chat (again)! Despite Utah’s 2020 abortion trigger ban being on hold while their Supreme Court considers it, a legislative committee voted to file a friend-of-the-court brief urging the ban stay in effect.

But when they go low, AAF organizes so we can go lower and foil their plans with fun and humiliation! 

This week Moji Alawode-El, Feminist Buzzkills host and AAF marketing manager, lead an incredible discussion in Brooklyn with about 30 amazing activists from BK Forge, giving tips and tactics on how to execute stealth and effective direct actions! 

We’re just going to rage all day (and week...and year…), but pissed off with a purpose is always our jam, so take a cue from Moji and our Activist Calendar and channel your rage into some actual good!

Activist Calendar


The Worker’s Circle is doing tremendous work and making sure Georgians of color are getting out and voting by reaching folks with non-partisan information about getting to the polls! They’ll be hosting their virtual phone bank on Wednesday, November 23rd at 7 PM ET
and you can register here!

Feel Good And DO Good!
There are few better ways to directly support abortion patients than assembling post-abortion care packages for clinics to hand out! Items like pregnancy tests, menstrual pads, heating patches, and ibuprofen are great for patients and a simple way for folks like you
to get your community together and literally support abortion access! You can find all of the information you need on this handy dandy Operation Save Abortion info sheet. If you have any questions or want to talk through how to get a post-abortion care package program going in your community, feel free to email [email protected]!

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In solidarity and rage,

Team Abortion AF

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