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Sunday, November 20, 2022
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Crime & Courts

The secret life of alleged double murderer Logan Clegg: a loner with a temper, guns — and a taste for travel

Former friends are astonished that the onetime "band kid" is accused of killing a Concord, N.H., couple. Continue reading →

Spotlight follow-up

N.H. doctor allegedly misread mammograms, ultrasounds of two dozen women later diagnosed with breast cancer

Some victims have criticized the N.H. Board of Medicine for failing to revoke the license of Dr. Mark Guilfoyle, formerly of Dartmouth Health, and none of his 13 malpractice settlements are posted on the board website. Continue reading →


With political and policy differences, relationship between Wu and Healey may be more complicated than it seems

From the outside, it looks like the perfect partnership. But the relationship between Governor-elect Maura Healey and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu may prove much more complicated. Continue reading →


‘Gray divorce’ brings struggles and a possibility of late-in-life reinvention

Ending a marriage and flying solo later in life — while grappling with the eternal question, “What’s next?” — may be the most difficult reinvention of all. Continue reading →

The Nation


Ned Rorem, composer known for both his music and his diaries, dies at 99

Ned Rorem was honored as a composer of beguiling music and famous for publishing revealing diaries about his life and loves. Continue reading →


Michael Pertschuk, unyielding consumer watchdog, dies at 89

Michael Pertschuk was a former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission who played a key role in some of the most significant gains in the consumer protection movement, from tobacco control to auto safety regulation. Continue reading →


Maryland finds that for hundreds of clergy abuse victims, ‘no parish was safe’

The attorney general of Maryland has identified more than 600 young victims of clergy sexual abuse over the course of 80 years in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, according to a court document filed Thursday. Continue reading →

The World


Historic compensation fund approved at UN climate talks

For the first time the nations of the world decided to help pay for the damage that climate change has done to poor countries, but they finished marathon climate talks on Sunday with a deal that does more to address the impacts of the burning of fossil fuels than actually fight climate change’s root cause. Continue reading →


As the war rages, Ukraine wages a daunting battle to rebuild

Ukrainian efforts to stabilize some of the country’s battered electricity supply and make a dent in the seemingly endless task of demining swaths of the country offered a glimpse into the herculean task that lies ahead off the battlefield. Continue reading →


Hundreds of protesters in Iran blinded by metal pellets and rubber bullets

The protester was speeding toward a demonstration in Tehran on his motorbike when an Iranian security officer standing 10 feet away raised his gun and fired a rubber bullet. Continue reading →

Editorial & Opinion


Election denialism is on the run. States should fix election count rules to keep it that way.

In some states, delays in the election count kept the ground fertile for Trump and the handful of other candidates who continue to push the false narrative that elections were being stolen. Continue reading →


Civilian flaggers are long overdue

How many times have you driven up to a roadside construction site, only to find the officer on police detail chatting with one of the construction workers? Continue reading →


Our state’s climate migration is just one small facet of global crisis

As these climate-driven conflicts accelerate, the numbers of refugees worldwide could reach a billion. Are we preparing ourselves and our children to make the material adjustments that decency and kindness will require? Continue reading →


Crime & Courts

One person arrested in connection with Martha’s Vineyard bank robbery

Investigators have said three armed suspects raided a Rockland Trust bank branch on Martha’s Vineyard on Thursday morning, tied up its employees, and fled with thousands in cash. Continue reading →


‘The money just isn’t there.’

With prices rising and budgets stretched thin, parents turn to Globe Santa for help in the holidays. Continue reading →


The activists driving Massachusetts forward

Behind the scenes on the Question 4 campaign: The future of the Commonwealth, if we’re lucky. Continue reading →


dan shaughnessy

Red Sox sure seem to be taking their fans for granted, and other thoughts

How many times have we ever been able to safely say that the Red Sox are the least popular team in New England? Continue reading →

World Cup

With games about to begin, Qatar remains controversial host for men’s World Cup

This World Cup is the first to be held in the Middle East, the first not staged in the summer, and the first where players will be openly challenging the host country’s policies. Continue reading →


Tyquan Thornton’s promise not equal to his production for Patriots

Over the Patriots’ last three games, he’s caught just three passes on 11 targets for 37 yards. Continue reading →



An end run around a college degree

University tuition and student debt skyrocketed as higher education became a prerequisite for many jobs. Now new kinds of credentialing programs are giving big employers a chance to end the madness. Continue reading →


May I have a word: Not euphemistically speaking

It’s like the phrase “hiking the Appalachian Trail,” except it doesn’t have another meaning at all. Continue reading →



Olympic ice dance champion Alexander Gorshkov dies at 76

Alexander Gorshkov won the first ice dance gold medal at the 1976 Olympics and later became a leading official in Russian figure skating. Continue reading →

Arts & Lifestyle


Inside Mass MoCA, EJ Hill’s ‘Break Run Helix,’ is a rideable roller coaster that does double duty as art

The artist's coaster relies only on gravity and momentum to propel its rider along its whiplash-inducing course. Continue reading →


How well did the audience play its part? The reviews are mixed.

Audiences essentially function as supporting characters at the plays or musicals they attend, and what they give actors can be good or bad. I’ve recently witnessed both kinds of impact. Continue reading →


‘The U.S. and the Holocaust’ is still speaking to us

Two months after its release, the docuseries about what was happening in our own country while the Nazis were trying to exterminate the Jews in Europe has taken deep root in my mind, which is as it should be. Continue reading →



With no hotel experience, they quit their jobs and bought a Vermont inn

Mary Lou Ricci and Tim Hall lived in Scituate and owned an insurance agency. When COVID hit, they sold one business and embarked on another. Entering the hospitality world as newcomers during a pandemic — what could go wrong? Continue reading →


This winter trip to Steamboat Springs was one for the ages

There was something for everyone on our multigenerational family getaway. Continue reading →

Real Estate

Real Estate

Here today. Gone tomorrow. Back someday because of climate change.

“You’re going to have to [build more housing] because climate change is that ‘the alien invasion has happened’ moment.” Continue reading →

Real Estate

35 gardening terms everyone should know

When thumbing through seed catalogs or plant-care manuals, you’re likely to encounter at least some descriptions that elude you. Continue reading →