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This year has been long and full of nonsense. 

So long and full of nonsense that The Oscar Slap was JUST THIS PAST MARCH. 

And then of course, we got slapped with that leak from the Supreme Court in May. 

Followed by the horror of 5 horrible men and one cappy woman ruling to dismantle our fundamental right to bodily autonomy. 

It’s a mess, but Abortion Access Front didn’t sit back and let this BS go unchecked. 

Between protests and podcasts, AAF has been holding it down and fighting back. 

We GIVE A F about abortion access, ‘cause that’s just who we are. It’s LITERALLY in our name. 

We hit the ground recruiting and training thousands of new activists with Operation Save Abortion program -


all while sending care packages, gift baskets and booze to hundreds of clinics right after the Dobbs decision came down. 



And after years of developing our anti-abortion extremist tracking program and database, we were able provide reports and evidence to the FBI that  was used to charge ELEVEN anti-abortion haterists with federal violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act for their roles in an abortion clinic blockade in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee- while using other information we gathered to get restraining orders against different extremists, fouling another attempt at a clinic invasion.


You can no doubt imagine that as this hell year is winding down your AAF pals are A) exhausted and B) in dire need of some cash. 

So here we are - asking for some much needed dough to continue our important work. 

AND HERE IS A PROMISE WE WILL MAKE: if you give now, we’ll take you off any more fundraising emails for the rest of the year. 

So Give A F today and donate!!



All your friends at Abortion Access Front


PS - REMEMBER: We’re going to send out a BUNCH of these emails over the next few weeks so if you donate TODAY, we’ll opt you out of all the rest. No more asking this year - promise!


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