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Hi John,

ICYMI: You’ll find all of the election shenanigans covered in last week’s Feminist Buzzkills podcast episode, so let’s get to some other news and get you motivated so we can finally unclench our teeth (and whatever else may still be clenched).

We can’t think of a better feel-good story than reading about our besties at Midwest Access Coalition and Elevated Access seeing abortion access barriers, offering a hearty ‘fuck you’ to them, and literally flying patients to their appointments

Our friends in South Carolina can relax their jaws and breathe again, with more time on the books to continue providing abortion care! In news that should surprise absolutely no one, their lawmakers just couldn’t get their shit together and agree on the best way to fuck over pregnant folks, so abortion stays legal at least through January 2023 and we are stoked about it!

A few wins across the country doesn’t win the war, though, and Abortion AF still needs y’all to get out there and get alllllll up in the mix! Head over to our Activist Calendar to find out all of the ways you can fight for those wins in your own communities:

Activist Calendar


Don’t Let the Antis Grind You Down!
Worried about how to deal with anti-abortion protesters at events? Unsure how to prepare your body to react when going into fight or flight mode? Operation Save Abortion volunteer, Amelia Bittel, will be leading an online training, Grounding Yourself in the Face of Opposition Tips & Tricks, on Tuesday, November 15th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM ET.
Sign up here!

Drinks and Providers? Sign Us Up!
What better way to learn about helping the abortion movement than from the providers themselves? The Women’s Centers will be hosting an Abortion Out Loud Happy Hour, where you can meet and mingle with PA and NJ repro health professionals and allies, learn more about the abortion access landscape, connect with special guests, and let loose with interactive games on Wednesday, November 16th from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM ET
! Register here!

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