Happy New Year from my family to yours! 

There is something happening in Arizona…2020 is the year when the patriots take back the federal government.
Time to break Marxism and Communism in the United States permanently for the sake of our children.


We are amazed by the support we have received since we started this process. 
Individuals have stepped up and mobilized around our candidacy and it is becoming clear we are going to break the DC establishment in a conservative way.    

We want to say, thank you to everyone and congratulations on helping build something special. 
We know that you have been lied to and stolen from by our politicians for years and we are excited to break the vicious corrupt political cycle in Arizona.

We must mobilize NOW! 
We have a winning strategy that is going to require YOU to implement.
In order to make the campaign a self-sustaining powerhouse we will be selecting leaders to take two types of board positions within the campaign.

Senior Board Members (3-5 Board Members per Congressional District).  See attached map.

1.  Selected based on leadership capabilities and understanding of the congressional district.
2.  We will have 3 to 5 senior board members per congressional district. 
3.  If you are selected to a senior board member position you will be asked to implement a strategic plan that will be given to you in a monthly accomplishment list.

4.  Each congressional district will be slightly different to ensure a custom game plan for victory. 

Honorary Board Members.  (15-20 Members)

1. Honorary board members are individuals that will be selected based on their past efforts and accomplishments in activism.
2. We will be looking to this group for feedback of certain important and timely matters.

3. As we begin drafting Bills this group will be leaned on as well.


Each person that is selected for board positions will be awarded an agreed upon percentage of the overall campaign fundraising with minimums and maximums negotiated with each person case by case.
If you are interested, please reply to this email.  Please provide your phone number in the email.
Feel free to forward to someone that may have interest as well. 




Daniel McCarthy
2020 United States Federal Senate Candidate