I really can't thank you enough.

Because of your extraordinary and continued support over these last two years, the voters of Maine once again overwhelmingly entrusted me to represent them in Congress.

I'm honored, grateful and completely humbled. Yet, while we celebrate our victory — our work is far from over. 

With control of Washington hanging in the balance, we have urgent work ahead of us to restore reproductive rights, help working families struggling with global inflation, push back on threats to democracy, and protect our planet from the climate crisis.

Women in the First District made clear that they do not want Republican politicians making their personal reproductive decsions, and I plan to work like hell to ensure every woman always has access to abortion care both in Maine and across this country.

Workers across Maine, especially our lobstermen and women, will continue to have a champion in Congress, and I will never stop fighting misguided federal regulations and greedy corporate interests.

And when Republicans come for our seniors' Social Security and Medicare, they can be damned sure that I will do everything I can to protect -- and expand -- the benefits that they have earned through decades of hard work.

Again, your love and support over the years are why I can continue standing up for your families and our shared progressive values. The next two years will no doubt be tough, but with you on our side, I know we can continue delivering progress on the promises we made to make Maine and our country a better place for everyone.

All my best,


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Chellie Pingree is a progressive Democrat representing Maine's First Congressional District in Congress. She is an outspoken advocate for women's reproductive rights, universal health care, reforming our food system against corporate greed, fighting for equality and against injustice, addressing the climate crisis, ending Citizens United, and protecting seniors, veterans, and America's working families.

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