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Hi John,

It’s less than 24-hours until Election Day and WE ARE SWEATIN’ IT! So take a minute with us to manifest some pro-abortion wins and talk about what’s really going on in the abortion world!

Abortion AF was lucky enough to Live Stream the Obstetricians for Reproductive Justice event in DC last week as dozens of doctors traveled to Washington D.C. and, at the base of the Capitol, demanded an end to the criminalization of abortion providers! These brave folks told stories of the care they’ve given to patients and, heartbreakingly, the care they’ve been unable to provide in order to illustrate the harm abortion criminalization inflicts on pregnant folks. Their experiences are infuriating, personal, and so very important. 

Watch the event on our YouTube page here, or listen to it on last week’s AAF’s Feminist Buzzkills Live podcast episode. Then, promptly send it to every anti-abortion asshole representative who needs to hear it!

Y’all need good news and to hear about the badass folks out there. We are so excited about Choix and Aid Access, prescribing abortion pills before patients are pregnant to make sure they can access care when they need it and in whatever legal landscape. But! Since we can’t just have ONE CLEAR WIN, of course, the FDA has to come in and try to fuck it up unless providers get their permission. Get your shit together and LISTEN TO PROVIDERS, FDA!

Also, these dope pro-abortion billboards will put a smile on your face, and it ain’t easy to make that happen (trust us, we know). AAF fully believes in the power of art to change the narrative, but tbh, we’re also really just sick of seeing the same ‘DID YOU KNOW YOUR BABY CAN COMPOSE A THREE-PIECE SYMPHONY FOUR DAYS PAST CONCEPTION’ billboards every four miles of the highway.

You can’t change the conversation, though, without folks stepping up and stepping OUT.  

SOOOOOO, If you’re as livid as we are after hearing these providers’ stories (and if you aren’t, who even are you??), we’ve got ways for you to channel that rage that doesn’t involve denouncing all rules of modern society and moving to the woods to live off of foraged mushrooms and berries. Check out our Activist Calendar for actions near you and get in the fight!

Activist Calendar



Track THIS!
There’s just no avoiding it- if you can get pregnant, you need to learn what information is being digitally tracked and what you can do about it. Encode Justice is bringing you a virtual panel of experts to talk data privacy and how it affects you on Saturday, November 12th, from 4 PM - 5:30 PM ET.
Register here.

Not These Pick-Me-Ass Liars Again
We don’t know about you, but we’re *over* deceptive fake clinics taking taxpayer funds to lie, mislead, and coerce patients seeking abortion care! Join pro-aborts across the country to warn their communities about dangerous CPCs during the Expose Fake Clinics Virtual Action Hour on Monday, November 14th, from 7 PM - 8 PM ET
. Register here.

Bonus Action Item!
Many abortion funds received an influx of financial support following the Dobbs decision, but while giving has slowed down, the need certainly hasn’t! Can you host a mini-fundraiser for your local abortion fund before the year ends? These events are important not only due to the vital funds they provide for abortion patients, but also for community building. Local fundraisers (like YOU) increase awareness of these organizations and help people in your own community know exactly where to go if they ever need support. Learn more about how to organize one of these events at our Operation Save Abortion toolkit: www.aafront.org/fund-the-funds


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