My mom in coveralls, petite as she was, handing tools to my dad is an indelible image I carry with me to this day.

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My mother worked alongside my dad in Lebanon Farm Shop well into their 70s. They refused assistance from their many children even after they lost their life savings in the Savings and Loan debacle of the 1980s. My mom in coveralls, petite as she was, handing tools to my dad is an indelible image I carry with me to this day.

My dad built a business repairing farm implements. In a way, I think he hoped that I’d stick around and take it over, but that wasn’t to be. I joined the Navy after getting a scholarship and my life as a machinist and welder came to a close.

Dad said very little about his service in the Second World War. He had the burns and shrapnel of his first ship sinking, and would provide some quips about surviving a night amongst the flotsam and death off Guadalcanal, but he didn’t dissuade me from enlisting. My mom had the bravery in saying quite simply, “The healthy bird flees the nest.” She wiped her eyes on her apron as I drove up the hill on my way to ‘boot camp.’ It took me some time to understand why.

You could say my mom and dad embodied rural Iowa values in their unique ways: Family, hard work, sacrifice, education, and honesty. And I think of them every day on the campaign trail, because it’s those values that drove me to run for political office.

After nearly 4 decades serving in the United States Navy, I’m running for Senate against Chuck Grassley because it’s time politicians in Washington fight for everyday people like my folks.

A poll from the gold-standard Des Moines Register showed I am only THREE points behind Grassley polls, so of course, I’ve been facing millions of dollars in Super PAC attacks. I don’t come from some political dynasty, and I’m not taking corporate PAC money. Instead, I’m relying entirely on the donations of generous grassroots donors like you.

There’s less than 48 hours until voting ends, and right now we’re still short of our $50,000 expanded GOTV goal and what we need to defeat Chuck Grassley and win. So I have to ask:

Please, may I count on you to make a donation to my campaign today – before our expanded GOTV fundraising deadline? Every dollar you can give today will help me to defeat Chuck Grassley, turn Iowa blue, and protect our Democratic majority in the Senate.

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With Senate control on the line, I am so grateful to have the support of people like you. I think my mom and dad would appreciate the support, as well.

Thank you,

Mike Franken, U.S. Navy (ret.)