For months, my campaign has been gaining steam. But then everything changed. Chuck Grassley just bought another $3.6 million in new TV ads against me.

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I’m emailing to ask you to give $5 – and get every dollar QUADRUPLED! – to help me defeat Chuck Grassley on Tuesday.

Here’s why: For months, my campaign has been gaining steam. I was the first Democrat ever to outraise Chuck Grassley for 7 straight months. A poll from “the best pollster in politics” and the gold-standard Des Moines Register even showed me statistically TIED with Grassley.

But then everything changed. Chuck Grassley just bought ANOTHER $3.6 million in new TV ads attacking me. And all of the GOP’s attacks are working – we are starting to fall behind!

I don’t take money from corporate PACs or special interests. Instead, my campaign is 100% funded by donations from people like you, with an average gift of just $28.

That's why a group of donors just offered for the very final time ever to 4X MATCH ALL GIFTS to my campaign to hit our FINAL fundraising goal and fight back, but we’re still falling short, so I have to ask:

Please, will you chip in $5 or more right now to my campaign – your gift will be QUADRUPLED to $20! – so we can hit our final goal, defeat Chuck Grassley, and protect our Democratic Senate majority? This is the final match opportunity where your gift will have FOUR TIMES the impact, but I need your help to make the most of it if we're going to win and turn Iowa blue.

If you've saved payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

No matter what Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, and their Super PACs throw at us, we have to keep responding every time until the very final day or we'll be drowned out in their lies and attacks.

Every dollar you can give today will go four times as far in helping me finally send Grassley packing, so I am truly grateful for whatever you can afford to chip in.

Thanks for everything,

Mike Franken, U.S. Navy (ret.)