“If Mike Franken is going to follow in my footsteps and become the next Senator Franken, he needs people like you to chip in to his campaign today."

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FINAL MATCH EXPIRING: Give $5 or more right now to help Admiral Mike Franken defeat Chuck Grassley and your gift will be QUADRUPLED!


Al Franken doesn't make a lot of endorsements – but he just personally reached out and asked if you would donate to help Admiral Mike Franken defeat Chuck Grassley and turn Iowa blue!

Mike Franken has an incredible shot at finally ending Chuck Grassley's decades-long career. After he out-raised Grassley for 7 straight months, a brand-new poll from the gold-standard Des Moines Register showed Mike statistically TIED with Chuck.

But Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell's Super PACs are spending millions of dollars attacking Mike on TV and trying to drown him in lies. If Mike defeats Grassley and turns Iowa blue in 2 days, Democrats are guaranteed to expand our Senate majority and prevent a McConnell-Grassley takeover.

This race is so important that a group of donors is offering for one last time to QUADRUPLE MATCH ALL GIFTS until midnight tonight. But with time running out until this FINAL match expires, we're still short of our last fundraising goal and what we need to win.

If Mike Franken is going to fight back and defeat Grassley, we need grassroots donors like you to give right now and get every dollar QUADRUPLED:

Please, will you join Al Franken and chip in $5 or more right now – before this FINAL match expires at midnight tonight – to help Admiral Mike Franken defeat Chuck Grassley, turn Iowa blue, and protect our Democratic Senate majority? Remember, every dollar you give will go FOUR times as far.

If you've saved payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

We are going to defeat Grassley on Election Night. And it will all be because you gave now. Thank you.

Team Franken