Kanata- Carleton PPC Year End Appeal

Hello John,

The Kanata-Carleton PPC Association would like to thank you for the support over the past year. 2019 brought us growth beyond expectations and we look forward to continuing this effort in the new year.

Our current board members have all recommitted to the effort for 2020 and early in the new year we will hold our Annual General Meeting. Keep an eye out for this meeting. It is an opportunity to get an update on the year, but also an opportunity for those interested to join our efforts.

Year end presents another opportunity. It is the time you can make a donation and almost immediately receive your tax credit to use on your 2019 tax year filings. Our board is looking to build our finances so we have the funds to kick off the next election at full speed. Can you help us by making a donation today via our secure website? Alternatively, you can mail a cheque made out to Kanata Carleton PPC Association to our address located at the bottom of this email but to receive the credit, it must be postmarked in 2019.

When you donate up to $400 to political parties, you are eligible to receive up to 75% of your donation back as a tax credit. This means if you donate $400 in a calendar year, you can get back up to $300 leaving you out of pocket only $100. Or if you donate $100 in a calendar year, you can get back up to $75 leaving you out of pocket only $25. This is like quadrupling your donation power.

Thank you again for your support and our board wishes you and your families the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020.


Steve Liakos
Kanata-Carleton PPC Association


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