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Happy Friday john!

Donald Trump giving his rape-osition and the ouster of the British subprime minister may have dominated headlines this week, but the headlines out of the aborto-sphere have been WOW. 

This week alone, there have been THREE horrific stories of patients having to literally travel to save their lives, because abortion bans prevented doctors from helping them. Your Buzzkills dive into each of these heartbreaking situations and talk about the vague and sketchy nuances of each law in question, and whether they’ve resulted in doctors losing their licenses or patients losing their lives.

If that story isn’t bad enough, Mississippi is now giving corporations tax breaks for donating to fake clinics. Let’s rage-scream together!

If it happened this week, Lizz, Moji, and Marie are spilling the tea!


If those stories bummed you out, never fear. This week’s guests will make it all better! 

Dahlia Lithwick does everything – she’s an MSNBC contributor, senior editor at Slate, and the author of the new book Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America. She stopped by to tell us about some unbelievable legal minds who do all the heavy lifting protecting our rights and get – surprise! – zero credit for it. 

PLUS, comedian and writer Ophira Eisenberg drops by OUR podcast to talk about HER new podcast “Parenting Is A Joke.” Wait, the host of a parenting pod on an abortion pod? Will that cause some kind of strange chemical reaction? No! Most folks who have abortions are parents, so this combo it just like the Reese’s peanut butter cups you bought for trick-or-treaters and will somehow “forget” to pass out. 


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Have a great weekend!



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Lizz, Marie, and Moj


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