From Martha Holton Dimick <[email protected]>
Subject Focusing on what matters
Date October 20, 2022 4:40 PM
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This race is getting nasty and personal. We need to stay focused on the issues that are actually relevant to the county attorney position right now: public safety and accountability.
On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending two Q&A sessions with students at North High and PYC High School in North Minneapolis. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be a part of what is such a formative period in these young people's lives. They are curious and engaged. With so many homicides, shootings, and violent crimes occurring in our backyard every day, it is touching to see students in the classroom prioritizing their education. Some of them are friends and family members of the young lives that have been lost in recent years.
I talked to them primarily about the role of county attorney and how it plays into the future of public safety in our community. The two most frequent questions that came up were, “What will you do to stop crime?” and “What will you do to kids who commit crimes?”
I would listen to my community and I would work with our justice partners, parents and educators. Nothing can happen without the input of those who live through these conditions daily.
I love Minneapolis, that’s no secret. But we’re not reaching our potential due to safety concerns right now, and these children can feel it.
We’ve had 71 homicides in Minneapolis this year. Just this week, a 23-year-old was shot and killed in Uptown [[link removed]] while doing security at a local business.
This young man was doing something right with his life and he was killed because we are failing to keep our streets safe right now. I cannot imagine how difficult this time has been for his family.
It’s time to take responsibility for the County Attorney’s office, redirecting our youth, tackling gun violence and getting justice for victims of violent crime. I’m not going to play political games that distract from the issues that affect the residents of Hennepin County.
I am not a politician. I am a prosecutor. And the future of public safety in this county is dependent on whether we have a leader who puts safety above all other agendas. Our youth are looking to us to protect them and create a county they can live, play and learn in. It’s time we focus on what matters and deliver for them.
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